Clickfunnels alternatives

Clickfunnels Alternatives

If you want to see the best Clickfunnels alternatives in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide. After the wild success of our Clickfunnels review, I personally tested and reviewed 20+ more free Clickfunnels alternatives (and paid) that can help you accomplish some of the same things that Clickfunnels can (and some things that CF can’t).

No matter if you’re a beginner or pro, this is a list of legit Clickfunnels competitors.

In this post I’ll:

  • List out 20+ SaaS tools that you can use instead of Clickfunnels
  • Show you how each of them compares to Clickfunnels
  • My personal experience with each tool

So if Clickfunnels isn’t a good fit for you, check out the list below for your best options.

Best Clickfunnels alternatives for 2024:

  1. WordPress
    1. WooCommerce
    2. OptimizePress
    3. Elementor
    4. Thrive Suite
    5. CartFlows
  2. Shopify
  3. Builderall
  4. Kartra
  5. Kajabi
  6. LeadPages
  7. Convertri
  8. Groove Funnels
  9. GetResponse
  10. SamCart
  11. CloudFunels
  12. Shift4Shop
  13. Unstack
  14. HubSpot
  15. ConvertKit
  16. UnBounce
  17. HighLevel
  18. Clickbank
  19. Keap (FKA Infusionsoft)
  20. Instapage
  21. Funnelvio (by Kyvio)
best Clickfunnels alternatives 2024

Most people don’t know where to start after looking at that list, so I’ve made it easy for you! Not all Clickfunnels competitors are created equal, so you can filter through the list to find the best funnel-building software for you.

For many online business owners, Clickfunnels is the affordable tool they need to help increase their sales, without paying a lot of money (relatively speaking).

It can be used to build landing pages, sales pages, order forms, and more. It is a great alternative to highly priced tools like OptimizePress, and can also be compared to other less expensive tools like Wix and Leadpages.

One of the most important things to remember is that the cost of an online tool is only a small percentage of your overall business costs.

free Clickfunnels Alternatives

1. #1 Clickfunnels Alternative: WordPress

WordPress is the most prevailing website builder accounting for one-third of websites on the Internet; more precisely, it comes to 34% of the total share.

The platform that started as an outlet for bloggers is now a full-fledged content management system that can handle multiple niches, including e-commerce stores, communities, business directories, and more. WordPress and WooCommerce make an ideal match for building an e-commerce platform. 

We have WordPress listed here because it can serve as a worthy alternative to ClickFunnels. With the right mix of extensions, WordPress can work wonders for your sales and make a similar impact as ClickFunnels. And all this would come at a lower price as well! 

Below, we list a few extensions that you can install for your WordPress-backed website to bring more sales. 

WordPress Plugins You Need For Creating The Best ClickFunnels Alternative

These WordPress plugins are essential for your website for creating a ClickFunnels alternative. While WordPress is a free Clickfunnels alternative, it’s worth noting that some features of these WP plugins are paid.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for e-commerce stores, powering over 3 million websites. WooCommerce offers a standard payment processing functionality that powers payment gateways. The plugin offers a reliable way to process payments on the platform. It allows the publisher to choose from over 100 payment gateways for their business.

It is not a standalone plugin with limited add-ons. Users get to pick from 980 free and paid add-ons to make WooCommerce even more effective and result-oriented. With all these add-on services, you can turn WooCommerce into a complete marketing funnel.

While many of the features come free of cost, some features and add-ons are paid.

Optimize Press

Another amazing WordPress plugin to add to your arsenal is OptimizePress. The platform boasts itself to be a booster for lead generation and sales on WordPress websites.

OptimizePress enables users to build different landing pages, such as the deals page, registration page, and more. You can create checkout flows to boost your conversions. It also includes creating thank you pages, exit pop forms, and more checkpoints for your website to retain users.

The plugin can be used to create a complete sales funnel for your WordPress website. You can easily build a full-fledged membership registration page with this plugin to establish a subscriber base. You can further integrate this plugin with add-ons and other popular apps like Zapier, Ontraport, and more.

Some of the best features of this plugin include the functionality to add extensive products and checkout forms, membership templates, and more.

The only downside of this plugin is that it is not a suitable tool for beginners. And the interface is not easy to get around. The paid plans start at $99 annually.


Elementor is a visual, drag-and-drop page builder plugin available for WordPress. It offers users easy and quick editing functionality, which works better than the ClickFunnels Etison editor.

Elementor home page

Elementor is rapidly clawing its way to the top of the WordPress page builder market.

Just take a look at how much brand awareness they’ve gained on Divi (long regarded as the #1 WordPress page builder) in the past year:

Clickfunnels alternatives - Elementor vs Divi google search trends

Their website even mentions this “global phenomenon”:

“Elementor has crossed all boundaries and borders, reaching WordPress users around the globe. It’s available in over 50 languages, offers complete RTL support, compatible with translation plugins like WPML and Polylang.”

But what does that have to do with Clickfunnels?!

Like Thrive Themes above, Elementor is a WordPress page builder capable of building sales funnel pages. Other Elementor features:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Capture leads
  • Multi-step forms

Compared to Clickfunnels, any WordPress product is better for a blog, but worse for selling stuff.

Elementor offers a smaller toolbox than Thrive Themes and doesn’t have a built-in sales cart, but you can integrate with a 3rd party plugin called WooCommerce.

And wouldn’t you know it…

Elementor has a snazzy WooCommerce builder with widgets like:

  • Custom add to cart button
  • Upsells
  • Related products
  • Product rating

Elementor’s WooCommerce solution is more robust than Thrive Themes, but both are B-List actors when compared to Clickfunnels checkout.


Go with Clickfunnels if selling things is the most important aspect of your business.

Go with Elementor if you need a more well-rounded online presence or have a limited budget (Elementor = Free-$199/year. Clickfunnels = $97-$297/month).

Yes, Elementor offers a limited free version that allows you to jump in and start playing around without pulling out your credit card.

Users get equivalent features with Elementor as they do with ClickFunnels. But some features are missing on Elementor, such as A/B testing, reporting and analytics, and others. 

If you’re considering WordPress as the top alternative for ClickFunnels, then you will need to install the Elementor plugin to get the landing page in place. You can go for the paid version of Elementor if you want some custom elements to appear on the page. 

Thrive Suite by Thrive Themes

Thrive Suite is a collection of WordPress plugins that help in building websites and sales funnels.

In my opinion, Thrive Themes is one of the best all-in-one WordPress digital marketing solutions that money can buy.

Thrive Themes homepage


Because it has a wide rage of conversion-focused tools (at a bargain-bin price), including:

  • Theme builder
  • Drag & drop landing page builder
  • Lead capture
  • Quizzes
  • Course builder
  • A/B testing
  • Comments
  • Evergreen timer
  • Testimonials…

And each of them are solid.

So solid in fact, that you can buy each as a standalone plugin for your WordPress install. With dedicated support.

The biggest barrier to Thrive Themes is WordPress. If you’re new to WordPress, you will need to learn it alongside Thrive Themes.

If you’re looking to save money, it’s almost unbelievable how much value Thrive Themes packs into each Thrive Membership. For measly $228/year through this link you get access to every single Thrive Themes product.

Every. Single. One.

Clickfunnels pricing starts at $99/month and the next tier is $297/month.


Clickfunnels has a built-in shopping cart. Plus shopping cart tools, like order bumps:

Clickfunnels order bump

Clickfunnels offers even more shopping cart tools that help increase conversion rate and average order value. Tools like:

  • One time offers (OTOs)
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Cross sells

Thrive Themes has no built-in shopping cart, so you will need a solution for that if you have products to sell. Popular options include Woocommerce and recently announced integration with Thrivecart (no relation).

It also features a collection of WordPress Themes that can act as a base for building landing pages. In addition, this tool offers templates that help in making cheaper sales funnel. Users also get pre-built pages for every set of requirements for the business, such as landing pages, opt-in pages, sales pages, and more.

By adding this plugin to the arsenal of other plugins to your WordPress website, you can have a full suite of tools to help you function as ClickFunnels.


CartFlows is one of the most recommended ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress websites. You get the complete suite of tools that come in handy for the buyer journey on your WordPress website. From the landing page to the ‘thank you’ page that finalizes the sale, CartFlows includes everything. 

CartFlows plugin for WordPress can help build sales funnels with actual templates, optimized checkout counters, order up/down selling, and more. This plugin is an essential plugin to add to the WordPress website to make it a genuine alternative for ClickFunnels. 

You can gauge the cost difference between WordPress and ClickFunnels with this table.

Basic WP SetupAdvanced WP SetupClickFunnels LimitedClickFunnels Etison Suite
Approx. $350/yrApprox. $950/yrApprox $1,150/yrApprox. $3,500/yr

* WP Advanced setup includes every plugin that we mentioned above.

As you can see, there is a substantial price difference between WordPress setup and ClickFunnels. The advanced setup for ClickFunnels is almost twice the WordPress advanced setup that includes a paid version of every plugin you would need. 

With ClickFunnels, you will save ample time as you don’t have to spend time setting up the entire process. If you have a big business that would require a heavy setup, ClickFunnels could be a better bet as you don’t have to do much work in the initial setup. But if you’re a small or medium business, you should go for WordPress advanced setup to save your money and learn more about setting up sales funnels.

2. Shopify

Shopify home page

Shopify is an online selling platform featuring an advanced framework, accelerated and optimized product selling templates, support for payment gateways, and CMS to manage the online store. It allows sellers to set up an online store and start selling right off the bat.

You can consider creating Shopify funnels with tools like Trifunnels, Funnel Buildr, and target products that you want to promote more. ClickFunnels could be an expensive choice for you, which is why creating your own Shopify funnel seems like a reliable option.

By creating Shopify funnels, you can easily upsell best-selling products to make the maximum sale from every buyer. If you’re new to the sales funnel process, we recommend going for pre-optimized tools like ClickFunnels to get the best output without spending time learning the process.

You don’t require any experience in building sales funnels from ClickFunnels. It comes with all the necessary tools to start your online business, which also includes hosting. 

As for other differences between the ClickFunnels and Shopify, here’s what you need to know:

ClickFunnels lacks a mobile app, while Shopify has a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

ClickFunnels comes with a slew of features, such as ready-to-use sales funnels, while Shopify is better for managing your store inventory and customers.

Here’s another piece of advice, if you choose Shopify over ClickFunnels, we recommend getting the landing page editor app ‘Shogun’ to get more buyers.

And if you want more Shopify vs Clickfunnels action, click the link to check out our in-depth comparison.

Clickfunnels alternatives - Shopify vs Clickfunnels

3. Builderall

Builderall is truly attempting to make a builder-all tool…with every digital marketing tool built in.

Builderall homepage

“All the tools”?

Here’s a glimpse of current Builderall tools:

  • Drag and drop website builder, code-named “Cheetah”
  • Membership areas
  • Checkout and checkout tools:
    • Bump sells
    • Upsells
    • Downsells
  • Email marketing platform with these tools:
    • Drag and drop email marketing automation builder
    • Email scarcity timer
  • Chatbots
  • Evergreen webinar builder
  • Blogging app
  • Booking app
  • Auction checkout


I recently wrote a review that compared Builderall vs Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels alternative: Builderall vs Clickfunnels

So if you want a deep dive into how these tools compare, I recommend checking that out.

But the short answer is that I prefer Clickfunnels over Builderall. Clickfunnels does what they do REALLY well and I worry that Builderall is trying to do too much.

“All the tools” is a very ambitious goal for Builderall. I applaud Builderall for attempting it. I hope they have a large support team and many developers. Clickfunnels’ offering isn’t as robust, but that’s not always a bad thing in my opinion. I think the old fable applies with this Clickfunnels alternative Builderall:

“If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one.”

Builderall is perfect for you if you want to plant your flag in their suite of tools (plus the growing pains that come along with it), or if you are on a budget (Builderall’s most expensive plan is $69/month, compared to Clickfunnel’s $297/month plan).

4. Kartra

Kartra is another product going after the all-in-one platform.

Kartra homepage

The reason why Kartra claims you don’t have to hire all those team members?

Kartra’s replaces real people with their built-in tools:

  • Checkout forms
  • Drag and drop landing page builder
  • Capture leads
  • Funnel-flow and campaign builder
  • Live or automated email marketing
  • Membership portal builder
  • Video player
  • Helpdesk
  • Calendar
  • Forms
  • Agency
  • Marketplace

I recently wrote a review that compares Kartra vs Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels alternatives - Clickfunnels vs Kartra

So if you want a deep dive into how these tools compare, I recommend checking that out.

Most Clickfunnels alternatives try to undercut on price, but Kartra is very comparable.

One very interesting Kartra offering is their Agency plan. They allow you to own the client accounts and sublease them to your clients.

Choose Kartra if you’re looking to scale or run an agency.

5. Kajabi

Kajabi is our 3rd installment of the all-in-one Clickfunnels alternatives.

Kajabi homepage

Clickfunnels has been around for a while, but Kajabi has been recently coined the Clickfunnels “killer”.


Because more and more people believe that the latter’s services are superior.

Kajabi is a great alternative that is a sales funnel and landing page builder in one. It is a classic pick for a seller who sells products like online courses and training modules. Kajabi has landing page templates that pitch every product or course as an individual landing page. In addition, you can decide on the pricing and subscription plan for your online offering alongside the delivery method. Once you choose the specifics, you can upload all the details to your Kajabi account. 

Kajabi offers pre-made templates for product landing pages. Users can also integrate their community feature to the page, allowing customers to communicate with each other. Additionally, the community feature can help build a good brand image, engage influencers, find cross-selling opportunities, and more. 

This tool also packs features like analytics, forecasts, and more data-backed insights. All this information can help make sound business decisions based on facts and reliable data. 

Overall, we can say that Kajabi is one great alternative for ClickFunnels. Especially for educators and webinar specialists, Kajabi can be a fundamental value-adding tool that will improve sales and retention. 

Kajabi offers three subscription plans – Basic ($149/month), Growth ($199/month), and Pro ($399/month). These plans are not the cheapest on our list, but they add a substantial advantage to your online business. 

I recently wrote a deep dive review on Kajabi vs Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels alternative: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels header

So if you want a deep dive into how Kajabi stacks up against Clickfunnels, I recommend checking that out.

6. LeadPages

Leadpages is yet another popular ClickFunnels alternative. It is an excellent pick for beginners who do not need too many professional features in a tool for building highly optimized landing pages. 

Landing pages hold the highest level of importance for businesses as they act as the first level of interaction with the new buyers. Landing pages can make or break a product. With Leadpages, brands and entrepreneurs can create stunning landing pages without requiring any technical know-how. 

One of the most vital advantages of Leadpages is their seamless integration with other important platforms like Mailchimp, Facebook, WordPress, and even Wix. This makes Leadpages compatible with social media marketing, email marketing, blog promotions, and more. 

Leadpages is a great alternative for ClickFunnels because it is cheaper and boasts an instrumental track record of creating high conversion landing pages. 

There are three types of subscription plans that you can choose from – Standard ($25/month), Pro ($48/month), and Advanced ($199/month). 

In our opinion, if you are searching for a landing page builder with a quick turnaround time and a lead magnet, then Leadpages is one great option. It can also blend well with an e-commerce business with a limited budget. 

And if you want to dig deeper, I recently wrote a review that compares Leadpages vs Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels alternative: Leadpages

7. Convertri

Convertri home page

I recently wrote a review that compares Convertri and Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels alternatives - Convertri vs Clickfunnels

(it’s the most complete comparison you’ll find, so definitely check it out before you decide between Clickfunnels and Convetri)

8. Groove Funnels

GrooveFunnels is a popular landing page and a sales funnel builder. It also features a bunch of tools that can elevate conversion rates. One of the most notable things about GrooveFunnels is that its Basic plan comes free of cost. The Basic plan is essentially a plan without additional features, but it can be a great start for small businesses.

With GrooveFunnels, you get an easy-to-use landing page builder with access to a bunch of apps like GroovePages (for funnel building), GrooveSell (for shopping cart and affiliate program), GrooveMall (email marketing tool with integrated CRM), and GrooveQuiz (for growing email subscriber base through a targeted survey).

One can use the tools to create a highly customized and effective landing page with a high conversion rate. It’s worth noting that these tools are a part of a paid plan, not the free one.

GrooveFunnels prides itself as the rapidly growing funnel-building platform. Their website boasts that around 45K new users make a switch to GrooveFunnels every month. Well, the numbers speak for themselves.

The three paid plans by GrooveFunnels come with monthly pricing of $99, $199, and $299, respectively.

9. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one tool for landing page building, email marketing, and automation of sorts. It is an effective tool for a 360-degree marketing campaign.

With all-rounder functionalities, this tool does not compromise on quality. You can create amazing landing pages and sales funnels with this tool. 

It prides itself on features like drag and drop configuration, template editing, and more. You get seamless integration of landing pages with email campaigns and other sales and marketing functions. It makes the job of running a successful campaign easier. 

With GetResponse, it becomes super easy to record lead information like email addresses. This tool helps in nurturing the lead and eventually convert it into sales. Thus, the connection between a landing page builder and email marketing gives way to effective selling.

Users can also use this tool for marketing automation features like cart abandonment recovery, strengthening the fundamentals of online selling, and retaining customers. 

GetResponse has a dedicated tool called Conversion Funnel (formerly known as Auto Funnel). This is all you need to run your business smoothly and garner significant sales. Conversion Funnel by GetResponse is a tool with a defined process.

Here’s how this funnel flows:

Step 1: Generate traffic with in-built Facebook ads builder and social ads creator 

Step 2: Bring the traffic to the landing page 

Step 3: Convert visitors to subscribers with web forms/pop-ups 

Step 4: Engage users with automated emails or webinar invites 

Step 5: Get them to buy your product with targeted email marketing and online stores 

Step 6: Retain them from cart abandonment with follow-up emails 

Step 7: Final step of selling and receiving payment through gateways & sending an order confirmation email. 

All these features and effective functions make GetResponse a great alternative for ClickFunnels. You can give it a shot with a 30-days trial offer. 

10. Samcart

SamCart is not a complete funnel builder, but it focuses on the crucial step, i.e., purchase and checkout experience.

clickfunnels alternative - samcart homepage screenshot

Users can get this tool for creating an amazing buying experience on their page. SamCart is loaded with features that can elevate the profitability levels of an e-commerce business. It also features pre-made checkout templates optimized for producing better conversion rates, more orders, and 1-click selling.

One of the primary reasons to choose SamCart over ClickFunnels is that it fully optimizes shopping cart and checkout pages. As a result, it can be a contributing factor to increase retention and conversion rates. In addition, the tool promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. And no matter which paid plan you choose, SamCart offers checkout features with every plan. 

Like we mentioned in the beginning, SamCart works best for checkout and purchase process optimization. Unfortunately, other funnel creation features are not available for this one, and it also does not help with email automation. 

This particular tool is for the step when you have your sales funnel figured and want something compelling for your checkout and purchase experience. SamCart could be instrumental in keeping your customers going until they make the purchase.

I just hit publish on a full Clickfunnels vs SamCart guide, so definitely check that out if you want to cheat off of our homework. 😛

clickfunnels vs samcart

11. CloudFunnels

CloudFunnels is a sales funnel and site builder that can be one of the alternatives for ClickFunnels. It bears features like sales funnels, opt-in funnels, webinars, membership and course delivery, and email marketing automation. 

You can build different types of websites with CloudFunnels and choose from dozens of preloaded templates. You can do email automation, checkout pages, payment gateways, and more. It also offers A/B testing for getting better sales results. 

It works best for marketers and affiliate businesses who want an affordable sales funnel tool with the functionalities of a site builder. You get the same functionality as ClickFunnels with this one and for a lower price. 

12. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop is an e-commerce building platform with features like building a full-fledged e-commerce portal. It serves different types of businesses panning across a broad category of industries around the world. The platform offers everything that one would need to start an ecommerce business. 

It offers a turnkey eCommerce experience with tools like website builder, product management, order management, customer marketing, and more. Users also get to choose from different pre-made professional templates optimized for online selling and are customizable. 

The distinguishing feature between ClickFunnels and Shift4Shop is that the former is better suited for landing pages with additional web pages. The latter is made for conventional online stores wherein buyers can sift through different products simultaneously and buy. You can also use them together by connecting your ClickFunnels landing page with the Shift4Shop store. 

13. Unstack

Unstack is intrinsically a landing page builder that brings the functionalities of a website designing, analytics, and more under one roof. Thus, it is an all-in-one tool for entrepreneurs for creating landing pages, getting essential insights, and other functions. 

With Unstack, users can make sound marketing decisions and reduce redundant costs on some features, thanks to accurate data. A great tool for designing, publishing, and collaborating on high-end marketing campaigns. 

Unstack builds landing pages without the need for any coding. It allows businesses to convert and retain customers with marketed content and speedy landing pages. The tool speeds up marketing campaigns by offering full-fledged design and conversion support. In addition, it has got pre-made templates that can help businesses attract leads and increase sales. 

The only missing feature here is the sales funnel. Unfortunately, you cannot create a full-fledged funnel with Unstack. 

14. HubSpot

HubSpot is also a powerful tool that helps marketers collect leads, build landing pages, create and manage email marketing campaigns, and more. One of the great aspects of this tool is that it stores customers’ data free of cost on a CRM. With this, users can easily access vital insights and use the data to enhance their campaigns. 

It is a worthy alternative to ClickFunnels as it creates stunning landing pages such as sales pages, webinar funnels, and more. Users can make use of the drag and drop editor to create landing pages on Hubspot. In addition, preloaded landing page templates help in creating faster and impactful product campaigns. 

You can start Hubspot for free and plug into its free CRM. It offers A/B testing functionality for different features and also includes customer support and data storage. Users can also use its embedded calendar functionality to book meetings on a landing page. 

The basic plan for Hubspot starts at $50/month, which is way cheaper than ClickFunnels. However, you miss out on features like creating a complete sales funnel by tracing the entire user journey on a platform. It has got specific features that can help elevate the sale of products and services. 

15. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool aimed at marketers and creators. It offers email marketing with additional features like designing, integrating forms into emails, customize emails to increase and retain loyal subscribers. 

It provides features such as Email segmentation and automation, split A/B testing, form creation via emails, email templates, third-party integrations, and more. You can also create landing pages with Convert Kit and market your product. 

On the contrary, ClickFunnels aims at building high conversion sales funnels to send product marketing messages across the channels and get customers. As a result, it can help entrepreneurs get leads, boost sales, and bring loyal customers. 

The basic difference between the two tools is that ConvertKit is an email service provider while ClickFunnels is a wholesome sales funnel builder to boost sales. Both are marketing tools with different workings. 

If the driving force of your business is email marketing, then ConvertKit is a better and cheaper option for your business. 

16. Unbounce

Unbounce is an excellent tool for creating landing pages and building impactful sales funnels. It creates stunning landing pages with a primary focus on conversions. The tool aims at deriving results without investing a lot of time in creating landing pages with pre-made templates. 

Users can create landing pages with drag and drop functionality. One gets UI-focussed elements in the tool to build high-conversion landing pages laced with lead-generation forms, opt-in forms, and content checkpoints. Users with coding experience can make Unbounce even more effective by integrating custom CSS and JavaScript. 

It also has an AI-powered SmartTraffic feature that lands visitors on high-conversion pages. One also gets a dashboard with real-time analytics to help boost conversions. While you may not get the full-fledged sales funnels building feature with Unbounce, it can certainly boost your conversion on the landing page with specific features—a cheaper option to choose in comparison to ClickFunnels. 

17. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is a wholesome CRM solution aimed at marketers. It makes tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, SalesForce, and others redundant with its set of features. If you have GoHighLevel, you do not need other tools to boost your sales and conversions.

The tool allows users to create effective sales funnels. Users can even import their existing funnels from ClickFunnels to the GoHighLevel system.

GoHighLevel costs as much as ClickFunnels, but with the former, you get more features and enhancements. Also, if you are already using ClickFunnels, it will be easier to migrate to GoHighLevel.

With GHL, you can create a sales funnel, automate your sales and marketing flow, blend booking and appointment functionality with your calendar, get better conversion rates, and enhance your return on investment.

18. Clickbank

ClickBank is a platform where users can create e-commerce portals to sell their products as affiliate marketers and merchants. With ClickBank, affiliates can find high-converting offers in different niches and also market their offerings.

While ClickFunnels focuses on creating sales funnels, building landing pages, and selling products and services. ClickBank offers a marketplace for promotions and sales of products for garnering high sales and engagement. It is a perfect choice for those who want to sell their products and promote their service as an affiliate.  

It is an alternative as you can easily set up and market your products and services on the ClickBank platform without spending extra time creating sales funnels. The marketplace ensures that you get enough leads and easy conversions.

19. Keap (Formerly Known as Infusionsoft)

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, offers marketing automation solutions. It is a platform with CRM to help with sales requirements like invoice management, scheduler, sales pipeline management, and more.

With Keap, you get a slew of functionalities like landing page creation, lead capturing, integrated forms/pop-ups, accurate analytics, and more. All of these features ensure effective sales funnel management for online businesses.

Compared with ClickFunnels, Keap offers similar powerful automation features, community and support, CRM integration, and more. The downside of Keap is that it is a bit complex to get around, and a steep learning curve is involved. And it is not a very cheap option to pick over ClickFunnels.

20. Instapage

Instapage is a great landing page tool. It offers a slew of marketing solutions with personalization and A/B testing. In addition, users can also integrate AdMaps to reflect the mapping between users’ pre-click and post-click experience on ads and landing pages.

All the advanced tech wrapped in a landing page tool is what you get with Instapage. The powerful set of features ensure that your marketing efforts get better results. The experimentation and customization features available in the tool can seamlessly embed into the product. Instapage can create a quick and high-conversion landing page.

The downside of this tool is that it does not come very cheap. And it lacks in-built messaging or campaign-centric features.

21. Funnelvio by Kyvio

ClickFunnels and Kyvio offer pretty much the same features. Both are sales funnels builder and are also great for membership websites. Although ClickFunnels is more robust and popular, Kyvio is relatively new to the scene and is still finding ground to establish its niche.

Kyvio is a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels, and it can perform similar functions like building landing pages and sales funnels, perform split testing, create membership sites, and more. It offers integration with third-party tools, including Stripe, ThriveCart, Zapier, and more.

Kyvio currently has two paid plans. The basic plan with support for up to 5 sites costs $87/month, while the premium plan costs $97/month with support for up to 50 sites.