Clickfunnels Dream Car Winners

Clickfunnels Dream Car Winners

Any and all participants of the Clickfunnels affiliate program are automatically entered to have their dream car paid for by the Clickfunnels company. How cool is that?! But competition is stiff and you definitely don’t want to reinvent the wheel 🤣 (thank you), so here are 9+ secrets from previous Clickfunnels dream car winners that you can (car) jack today!

So, who are the top ClickFunnels dream car winners that you can copy their secrets to success?

  1. Spencer Mecham
  2. Rachel S. Lee
  3. Chris Fong

You don’t need years to learn how to ace it as a ClickFunnels affiliate. Learn from seasoned affiliates like the following three. Their secrets to excellence are valuable insights that will accelerate your growth.

Clickfunnels Dream Car Winners 2024

1. Spencer Mecham

Spencer is a two comma (8-figure) super affiliate who has succeeded as an affiliate for various niches. He got outstanding success with ClickFunnels as he was the first to earn $1 million CF affiliate commission.

Spencer uses these two methods to get his leads:

  • Search marketing
  • Ready, customized funnels

However, he says you can also find leads easily if you have a large following on Facebook or a huge email list.

Search Marketing

Spencer urges CF affiliates to concentrate on making relevant content consistently. Identify one or more platforms where you will post your content. It will not be long before you start seeing results especially from search marketing. Knowing what people are looking for in search engines will help you know how to address those needs.

Hot leads

You can tell a lead is hot if they search for information on ClickFunnels. It tells you that they are already aware of it. What they want is to validate their thoughts or find out more information before taking action. Such leads only require appropriate content either in form of an article or a YouTube video, for them to sign up.

Warm leads

Warm leads refer to people looking for a solution to their problem yet are unsure which would be the best for them. You can capture such leads through appealing content that will cause them to take action.

Maximize organic traffic 

Take advantage of organic traffic by creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content. If your content can answer people’s questions exhaustively, you will get leads to can convert over time.

Use Paid Ads

A quick way to get traffic to your site is through paid ads. Spencer uses a combination of organic and paid searches to increase his leads significantly.

Promote any of the ClickFunnels Products

Choose from over 15 CF products to promote and then strategize on how best to promote them to acquire leads.

Ready and Customized Funnels

Create made-for-you funnels that are ready to use, and advertise them to the right audience. To do this you will need to:

  1. Identify a niche: it could be accounting, consultancy, coaching, or any other that requires leads to increase revenue
  2. Build a funnel: customize a funnel for your niche
  3. Create training about your funnel: by explaining how it works, offering the share funnel link to suitable leads, and stating that it takes 10 minutes to set up once they click on that link

2.  Rachel S. Lee

Rachel is a digital marketer and keynote speaker who helps businesses increase their revenue to six figures and beyond through coaching and training. As a ClickFunnels affiliate, she has received the highest award, the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club.

Her success secret lies in using ClickFunnels funnel building software in her daily coaching and training business. She also reveals that CF online training and awareness programs help her to convince potential clients.

To ensure maximum success, she trains others about the ClickFunnels affiliate program and affiliate marketing in general. She advises CF affiliates like you to do the same, as you will earn commissions when you show others how to excel in ClickFunnels affiliate marketing.

3. Chris Fong

Chris never imagined he would one day win the ClickFunnels Dream Car. It was not an easy start for him but he persisted and ended up as a top CF affiliate.

His secret to success lies in conducting Clickfunnels promotions on his blog and Facebook page. Being an SEO expert, he uses this skill to draw targeted traffic to his site. He achieved success by making irresistible bonus offers like direct coaching and white label offers.

To succeed as a newbie affiliate, he recommends creating relationships with other CF affiliates. Find them on forums and platforms they hang out such as on Facebook Groups and Reddit. By participating in discussions, you will learn more and widen your network.