Clickfunnels Follow-Up Funnels

Clickfunnels Follow Up Funnels

Yes, you can connect a 3rd-party email marketing service to your Clickfunnels account…but why not keep it tightly integrated with Clickfunnels Follow Up funnels? After all, it’s only “the EASIEST way to speak directly to your visitors, and send them the PERFECT message that they need, at the exact time they need it!”

So, what exactly is ClickFunnels follow-up funnels? Clickfunnels Follow-Up funnels (previously known as “Actionetics”) is the email marketing suite included with the Clickfunnels Platinum plan. Follow-Up funnels allow you to send highly-targeted messages to your customers through email, social, text, and desktop notifications.

Marketing campaigns are a good way of finding leads but that’s not enough. You need to go a step further and follow up on your leads to maximize your revenue. Continue reading to learn more about ClickFunnels follow-up funnels.

Clickfunnels Follow-Up Funnels

ClickFunnels ensures you get the most from your business by encouraging you to employ follow-up funnels to check on your leads consistently.

These funnels, previously known as Actionetics, involve sending a series of scheduled messages to your email contacts.

The aim of doing this is to provide more information that will turn them into customers. If they are already customers, you want them to remain loyal so you send emails to check on them and to upsell your other products or services.

Follow-up funnels involve segmentation of your leads, building smart lists, and using these lists to send personalized and highly targeted messages. They are based on your readers’ activities and their interactions with your funnels.

First-time promotions shouldn’t be the end of your campaigns as the results can be dismal, frustrate you, and make you give up.

According to the Brevet group, with 5 or more follow-ups, you can make 80% of your sales which means that follow-up is very important. Russell rightly affirms this fact when he says that the secret to most of your sales is in the second invisible funnel.

There’s a lot of potential in following up as you can make much more profit (he made 16x) than you would from front-end funnels.

The front-end funnels play the role of bringing in leads while the follow-up funnels complete the process of maximizing your profit potential.

How to Use Clickfunnels Follow-Up Funnels 

Ensure that your email sequences in the ClickFunnels follow-up funnels are valuable to your prospects. They should address any concerns your customers raise and also meet their needs.

Researching about your leads will help you come up with meaningful email content while consistency in sending out the emails will bear fruitful outcomes.

These simple steps will help you set up your ClickFunnels follow-up funnels in the right way.

1. Create Smart Lists

Get emails from every opportunity you can on your website, for instance,  

  • by offering something enticing which will need visitors to opt-in
  • organizing webinars that require registration
  • during check-out (have a form to be filled before completing check out)

Through your ClickFunnels account, go to ‘Follow-up Funnels’, then the ‘Email Lists’ and finally click on ‘Add New List’. Label your new list and save it. The emails you get from your CTAs like the above three examples will go directly to your list.

You can now refine your list through segmentation so that you end up with Smart Lists. For instance, those who don’t read your emails can be on a separate list from those who open and read them. Use the improved ‘Proprietary Tagging System’ to build the Smart Lists.

Clickfunnels Follow-Up Funnels screenshot 1

2.  Build Your Follow-up Funnel

This is a simple step whereby you go to the ‘Follow-up Funnels’ and tap on the ‘Add New Follow- up Funnel’.

Clickfunnels add new follow-up funnel

Once your follow-up funnel is ready, design your email messages and set the text notifications. 

For the email messages:

Add the email messenger by clicking on ‘Add New Step’ and choose the ‘Email Message’ icon. Proceed to verifying your settings and naming the step to differentiate it from other messages. The ‘From’ space should have your preferred names clearly written. 

Write your message by adding a subject line and selecting a ready-made email template on which to attach your email copy. Finally, schedule the time you want the message to go out to your leads.

For the text notifications:

Put them in your follow-up funnel using the ‘Add New Step’ and choose the ‘Mobile’ symbol.

Clickfunnels add text notifications

Whenever you add a new text message, remember to ‘verify the settings’ and create a ‘Name’ just like the email message. You’ll also need to write your message by adding the subject, selecting a pre-designed email template, and adding your copy.

Schedule when to send it. 

3. Send Broadcast-Style Messages

Where necessary, you can send broadcasts to your audience especially if you want to remind them of an event like an upcoming webinar or a new product launch date.

4. Don’t Forget Your Analytics

Your ClickFunnels follow-up funnels will be beneficial if you know how they are performing.

Clickfunnels Follow-Up funnels analytics dashboard

So check the statistics because each email has its own unique ones. You’ll be able to tell how many people opened your emails, clicked through to the landing page, bought your product/service, and the sales you made from each email.