Clickfunnels Integration with GetResponse

Clickfunnels Integration with GetResponse

Clickfunnels is the best sales funnel builder out there and GetResponse is an email marketing platform. If you’re serious about growing your business online, using both ClickFunnels and GetResponse can be a powerful combination for increasing your sales and leads. This article will guide you through how to integrate ClickFunnels with GetResponse.

Clickfunnels integration with GetResponse, here’s how:

  • Step 1: Create a GetResponse API key
  • Step 2: Integrate GetResponse with ClickFunnels
  • Step 3: Test your newly created integration

With these straightforward steps, you will complete the integration process in less than 20 minutes. Read on to discover what each step entails and why integrate GetResponse.

3 Steps to Integrate Clickfunnels with GetResponse

Clickfunnels Integration with GetResponse 2024

GetResponse is a great email-marketing tool that will streamline your connection with contacts. These are the steps for integration:

You require these three tools to execute the integration process. 

  1. Your ClickFunnels account
  2. A GetResponse account
  3. A contact list in the GetResponse account: if you do not have one, just create it and grow it with the CF leads

Step 1: Create a GetResponse API (Application Programming Interface) key

The API key is a code that moves from program to program to enable communication between them. In this case, you get the key by visiting the GetResponse site where you can access it by clicking on the ‘Menu’ button. Scroll down to ‘Integrations and API’, and select that option.

It will lead you to a new page with several options on the upper part. Click on the ‘API’ option and then the ‘Generate API Key’. GetResponse generates a random name made up of various numbers and letters. 

It is best to name the API key to avoid confusion in case you have to integrate GR with a different application. Click on ‘copy’, which is next to the name. You can now paste on your ClickFunnels account as illustrated in the next step. 

Step 2: Integrate GetResponse with Clickfunnels

Go to your CF account. You’ll see your picture in the upper right corner. Select ‘Account Settings.’ Scroll down to ‘Integrations,’ and click on it. It takes you to the Integration screen where you ‘Add your New Integration’ by choosing what software to integrate, which is GetResponse. 

You now paste the API Key you copied into the space provided. Name that integration in the first text field labeled ‘Integration Nickname’ and click on the button at the bottom labeled, ‘Add Integration.’ 

Your integration is now ready for use with your landing pages and sales funnels associated with your CF account. ClickFunnels can proceed to send data to GetResponse to finalize the process as illustrated in the next step.

Step 3: Test your newly created integration

Link CF’s opt-in form to GetResponse

  • Start by editing the opt-in page. Go to ‘Settings’ at the top of the page editor, select ‘Integrations’, and then proceed to ‘GetResponse’ plus the name you picked
  • Click on ’Action’ and pick ‘Add to Campaign’
  • Select the list where you want to add the contacts. You had initially created the list on GetResponse. In case you don’t see your list, click ‘Refresh list from API” and you’ll see it

Ensure you see a tick and the word ‘CONNECTED’ in green. Just to confirm, click on ‘Settings’ and check the drop-down menu to see if the ‘Integrations’ option has a green tick. Click on ‘Save’ (top right corner) and expect your GetResponse to start getting emails from your landing page.

Why Integrate Clickfunnels with GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email autoresponder that is easy to use as it integrates well with ClickFunnels marketing funnels. It enables you to communicate with your contacts and to manage your leads efficiently and quickly.

Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Visual automation editor: GetResponse guides you into building simple and complex email automation and workflows
  • Live events promotion: it promotes your events such as webinars through scheduled campaigns
  • Various form options: to select from depending on what is relevant for your website such as fixed bar, lightbox popup, download box, and opt-in forms 

Through GetResponse, you can create mailing lists for broadcasts, build landing pages, automate emails, monitor your analytics, and host webinars among other tasks.

It works well for people who are in businesses, engage in affiliate marketing, and participate in multi-level marketing. It will also favor you if you occasionally send sponsored content to contacts.

GetResponse boosts your business growth by increasing sales. The increase happens because the net is cast widely with the help of email lists, generated leads, and subscribers.

Features Common to Clickfunnels and GetResponse 

  • Inclusion of contacts in your marketing promotions
  • Insertion of contacts in tags
  • Contact info updates in marketing campaigns
  • Contact info updates in tags