Clickfunnels membership site review

Clickfunnels Membership Site

Your may or may not be ready to launch a membership website, and might have no clue about how to go about it. Clickfunnels membership site to the rescue! For this reason, it’s important to have a solid grasp on the marketing process and what you’ll need in order to create a successful membership site (yawn, but important 😛 ).

ClickFunnels is a really useful tool for business owners who want to take (or add to) their business online. If you are interested in setting up a membership site, this Clickfunnels membership site review is jam-packed with:

  • Clickfunnels membership site templates
  • Clickfunnels membership site examples
  • Step-by-step instructions how to build your own membership site using Clickfunnels
  • Membership site alternatives

In other words…strap in!

Clickfunnels membership site review

What is a Membership Site Funnel?

A membership site funnel is the sales funnel created to keep track of every step of members’ journey. The funnel starts working as soon as the membership site goes live. Think of it as a marketing campaign that requires figuring out how to fetch leads and make them subscribe to your content. The work starts with getting them to subscribe and retaining them, and turning them into permanent members. 

It is a series of steps built to get your website visitors to join your membership program. It is called a funnel because it streamlines your website visits and guides those visitors effortlessly to become a member. You get more visitors entering the funnel initially, but not every visitor turns into a member. That’s how a funnel works; it is broad at the beginning and turns narrow towards the end. Like a funnel, your membership site will filter out visitors, and a few of them would transform into members. 

You need a membership site funnel to take control of every step involved in your subscriber journey. It helps in chalking out your membership acquisition and retention strategy. Let’s start with an example of a membership site funnel.

Your first stage in the membership funnel could start by offering a free trial that aims at attracting subscribers by pitching that the content is available for a limited time. You can go in with a strategy that lets them access the content for free initially. Still, they must subscribe or sign-up to keep accessing it whenever they want. The fundamental approach here is to make your content so effective that members get hooked to it and are willing to subscribe to access it more freely. 

The second stage is more of a nurturing step with a follow-up email or content customization. This stage comes before the retention stage, wherein you keep the member hooked until they sign-up or subscribe to your content. One of the greatest examples of the retention step in the funnel is via partner programs. 

ClickFunnels Membership Site Webinar + Training: Membership Site Funnel Secrets

ClickFunnels founder Russel Brunson hosts a free webinar called Funnel Hacks. This webinar features Brunson spilling beans on his successful sales funnel that generates him a whopping $17,947/Day. This webinar has been hailed as a game-changer by many new participants who are starting up with their membership sites.

Membership Site Funnel Secrets is a live training session. It teaches how to build a membership site funnel and offers a slew of goodies, including nine pre-designed membership funnel templates that can be used for a new website. You can also sell these Membership Funnel Templates to your customers!

The live training session helmed by Russel Brunson and Jim Edwards offers the following:

  • How to build and launch your membership site in just 1 HOUR
  • How to create PREDICTABLE recurring income for your business
  • ​How to launch your new online business selling access to your membership site!
  • ​How to ‘Bolt on’ a new membership site to your existing business and instantly add a NEW stream of income!

You can also opt for a Funnel Hacks training suite if you want to get deep inside funnel building for membership sites. You will learn about building different types of sales funnels from scratch, including ones for a Membership site, product launch, and more.

You can register here to claim your free Membership Funnels. The download links for funnels will be added to your ClickFunnels account after you sign-up successfully.

Let’s take a look at what you get from the Funnel Hacks training suite:

Free ClickFunnels Enterprise Account: With the Funnel Hacks training suite, you get a free half-yearly subscription to ClickFunnels Full Enterprise Account.

Six Week Funnel Hacks Master Class – This masterclass includes step-by-step training for building different funnels that you may require to start and grow your business.

Quick Traffic Hacks – This one lists all the possible avenues to get targeted traffic to your website or a landing page.

Inception Secrets training: For those who struggle writing a winning sales copy, this training can change their world. The course teaches how to master writing successful sales copies to turn your business profitable.

SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences: With this, you learn all the right follow-up techniques for new and existing subscribers. This one will help nurture and grow your subscriber list, especially for a membership site.

The Funnel Hacks free webinar training is all about revealing the magic behind the success of Russell Brunson. The idea behind the training and the free webinar is to give entrepreneurs and individuals an edge to start building funnels that convert and bring sales without going over budget and paying for dedicated marketing and development teams.

ClickFunnels Membership Site Examples

At this point, you must be wondering if your business model suits a membership site. For this reason, it is essential to know about ClickFunnels membership site examples so that you can decide which template goes hand in hand with your business.

Before we go ahead and list out the ClickFunnels membership site examples, you must take a look at this video by Richard Brunson as he lets you in on a marketing secret…

He tells you how to sell your membership to the target audience. Brunson also explains how to use his technique to build curiosity around your membership site. 

Now, let’s start with listing out the examples of ClickFunnels membership sites.

Publisher: This is the most conventional membership template or model for your business. It keeps the content on the website restricted to the subscribers. Regular users need to subscribe to access the content. If your business model revolves around producing quality content, this model could reap some revenue.

UPS Weekly/Monthly Delivery: If your business is more on the e-commerce front, then this model makes the most sense for you. It allows members/subscribers to get exclusive access to special offers or content. Websites that sell pet food use this template quite often, especially those that sell dog treats and toys.

Drip: This template works for different types of businesses and niches. You can use this membership site example or template for selling an online course. Businesses selling online courses can use this template and release new lessons every week or every month. This model keeps the subscribers hooked. Membership site owners worship this template as it comes back with better results on less content.

Community: This type of membership template is the easiest to create. It is like a forum that holds its value in the content produced and community engagement. It is a community-induced setup wherein people join to communicate with each other and share information. The hook is to get users to sign-up first and then engage with the community.

Coaching: This template is quick and straightforward. The selling point is the product offering coaching along with quality content to teach. Members sign-up and pay for premium content and training. 

Combination: This template is a mix of different elements. Bloggers can use it to connect with their followers exclusively and sell their content with special offers. Paid members can also be given early access to certain products. It offers a mix of different membership types.

Click here to view examples of each template we mentioned above. 

How do I Create a Membership Area in ClickFunnels? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Creating a membership area in ClickFunnels is an easy job for anyone who has experience in working on software like WordPress. ClickFunnels enables users to create a membership area easily. This means that you can get your membership page up and running in a matter of a few minutes. You do not require special coding or tech skills to get around this one. 

Just follow the steps below, and you will be able to create it successfully. All you need is a ClickFunnels account with some funnels added to it. 

How To Create A Membership Funnel

Step 1: Click on ClickFunnels Menu, select the Build Funnel option

Step 2: Choose Classic Builder 

Step 3: Click on the Sell Your Product

Step 4: Click on Membership tab

How to Choose Membership Page Templates

Step 1: Click on the Membership tab, choose Members Access 

Step 2: After it loads, apply a template by clicking on + Select Template on the format you want to view

Step 3: You will get a pop-up when the process is complete

Step 4: Click on the Edit Page button and customize the template as per your preferences

Step 5: Add membership area template by clicking Membership Area under the Membership tab

Step 6: Choose a template and then click on the + Select Template tab 

Step 7: You will get a pop-up when the process is complete

After creating the membership area in ClickFunnels, you will now be able to share the content with your clients. You can also consider giving them free access and paid access to select items.

Non-Clickfunnels Membership Site Platforms to Consider

Although the ClickFunnels membership funnel platform is quite good, we think you should also know about the alternatives to consider if things do not go your way.

There are many alternatives to check out, but we narrowed it down to the three best platforms that you can consider as ClickFunnels alternatives.

1. Kajabi

Kajabi is more like a universal solution for setting up and selling memberships and online training courses. It offers options to add different types of content to your digital course. You also get features like surveys, assessments, community, app, and more. Kajabi also has great templates that you can choose for your membership page. 

Additionally, you can also create a website and build funnels alongside email campaigns using Kajabi. It is the best alternative to choose if you plan to create a membership site to sell online courses. 

2. Thinkific

Thinkific is an online course platform that offers features and tools to create and sell online training courses. You don’t get any other features like funnel builder or email marketing with this one. 

It is another good pick for creating and delivering your course, including videos, quizzes, and assignments. You can also have community builder features within your course. The platform also gives you features to get payments and sell courses. 

3. Teachable

Teachable is an online course platform like Thinkific. It lets you build your website for selling courses, host content with video, create online courses and engagingly market them. It also includes additional features like adding quizzes, certificates, and more elements within your course. 

It comes with proven sales & marketing features. It also features a seamless checkout process, which allows you to extend subscriptions and payment plans. You also get additional features like Coupons and Bundles.

Among the three alternatives, Teachable is the best one as it is more affordable and has the right mix of features to make some money out of your membership site.

Clickfunnels Membership Site FAQ

How do I create a membership site in Clickfunnels?

All you need is a ClickFunnels account. Log into your account and select a template and build a membership funnel. We have described the step-by-step process of creating one. Once you have that sorted, you will automatically generate up to 5 pages for your membership area.

How much is a Clickfunnels membership?

ClickFunnels’ monthly subscription starts at $97. This plan includes all the necessary features to help you create high-converting membership funnels and get leads.

However, suppose you need more advanced features like an affiliate program for your service and don’t want to spend extra bucks on getting an autoresponder. In that case, you should consider getting the ClickFunnels Platinum plan at $297.00 per month.

What is a membership funnel?

A membership funnel captures leads and brings potential customers to your membership sign-up page. On this page, you can host different types of content and services. It is your choice to either offer free access to the page or demand some price for granting entry to your member’s area.

Do you need a website for Clickfunnels?

You can host everything within Clickfunnels, and you get a free domain for the first year. However, there are certain limitations to that, so it is advisable to have your website and integrate it with Clickfunnels to get more benefits and better conversions.

How do I start a membership program?

There are various ways. You need a target audience and defined content to set up a successful membership area. By using ClickFunnels, you can easily take care of your membership site’s technical requirements and marketing requirements. In simpler words, ClickFunnels gives you a ready-made platform to start your membership program, but you still need to have your content and main product for setting it up.

Does ClickFunnels have a membership site?

ClickFunnels does not have a dedicated membership site, but ClickFunnels software allows you to build membership sites. Also, it has a thriving Facebook group that you can join to stay on top of the updates and read about the real experiences of ClickFunnels members.