Clickfunels scam alert

Clickfunnels Scam Alert

When it comes to Internet Marketing, ClickFunnels is a name that keeps popping up. MOST people 💖 the tool, but there are some who scream “Clickfunnels scam” to anyone who will listen. Is this software all it’s cracked up to be? Or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

So, is Clickfunnels a scam? No, Clickfunnels is not a scam. As of publishing this, Clickfunnels has 1,000+ TrustPilot reviews with an “Excellent” rating of 4.6/5 stars. This company has been around since 2014 and has amassed a huge following of more than 100,000 satisfied and loyal customers.

Clickfunnels Scam - TrustPilot Reviews

To scale your business, you require continuous traffic to your site. Russell Brunson, the owner of ClickFunnels, helps you acquire qualified leads through pre-designed sales funnel templates. Continue reading to discover more about Clickfunnels scams (or not).

Is Clickfunnels Legitimate?

The immense amount of information about ClickFunnels on the internet tends to draw doubts in people’s minds, which makes them ask, “Is ClickFunnels legit or a scam? ClickFunnels is a legitimate business that makes work easy for entrepreneurs by providing them with sales funnels for scaling their online businesses. 

Sales funnels are website pages designed to increase your leads and ultimately your revenue. The funnels include such pages as a landing page, sales page, opt-in pop-ups, and upsell pages. This means that Clickfunnels is indeed a legitimate business that invests time and resources to get the word out there.

With close to 100,000 users, ClickFunnels boasts of offering user-friendly and effective products. Read on to learn more about the features it possesses that attract more users each day.


  • Funnel templates which are optimized and can be customized for your products and customers 
  • Landing page templates
  • Email autoresponder for follow-up emails and signing in
  • Webinar event hosting
  • Website builder consisting of web forms and which allows SEO management
  • ClickFunnels editor that offers real-time editing and page customization
  • The drag-and-drop tool enables page duplication and saving of templates when not actively working on them. With practice, you get used to the drag-and-drop feature over time
  • Conversion tracking using the Actionetics tool for valuable information on customer engagement and visitor activity on your site
  • Custom domains
  • Online courses through FunnelFlix videos and training programs
  • It has an affiliate program that you establish using ClickFunnels “Backpack.” It enables you to add the program to your website


It’s easy to use as it does not require any coding knowledge. ClickFunnels provides lots of training, videos, and tools to help you understand funnel building. The pre-made templates are available for different niches and can be further customized using the editor tool.

Allows you to create a series of pages for turning your visitors to subscribers and then to paid customers.

Pages are mobile responsive and optimized for mobile users who can access your site from wherever they are.

It supports lead generation as you can embed opt-in forms in your landing pages. These pages direct your visitors to such pages as the thank you page, another offer, or automated email. You can also store your leads in the system.

ClickFunnels allows seamless API integrations to other software such as online shopping carts and email marketing software.

A/B split testing is available for the landing pages you create.


The price is on the higher side and is not a one-time fee. If you require more features, you need to pay more.

It can get confusing if you lack tech knowledge. There’s a learning curve since the funnels are comprehensive with many functions that you need to understand.

Customer service is wanting as the support staff respond to basic inquiries but cannot give concrete answers to more difficult questions.

There’s inconsistency in user experience as ClickFunnels keeps changing the dashboard, page creation flow, funnel changes, and pricing options. The ClickFunnels editor is clunky, not powerful, and a bit rigid. 

ClickFunnels avails so much information to users to the point of overwhelming them. They are unable to keep up especially if they are newbies and have not created enough content.

The built-in membership is not customizable.

Pricing Plans

Basic: $97 per month

With this plan, you can build up to 20 funnels and 100 pages. It lets you have 3 custom domains and is appropriate if you receive no more than 20,000 visitors. You can integrate 3 different payment methods with this plan.

Platinum: $297 per month

Platinum allows you unlimited pages and funnels. They include follow-up funnels that are necessary for increasing conversions. 

It’s available for 3 users who can maintain their own logins with a single account. Platinum supports up to 9 domains from one CF account and 9 payment integrations.

Two Comma Club: $2997 per month

This plan is ideal for entrepreneurs who have many websites and companies as it supports up to 27 domains. It allows you access to unlimited sales, tracking funnels, and pages. In case you need help, you have access to priority phone and chat support.