Convertri vs Clickfunnels

Convertri vs Clickfunnels

The world of e-commerce has been growing ever since the advent of the Internet. Now, as more and more people looked for ways to sell products online, some companies decided to “sell shovels and pickaxes” during the “rush for gold”: Convertri (one of many Clickfunnels alternatives) and other e-commerce software.

Through these services, users are able to automate the checkout process, making e-commerce an approachable industry for anyone. So between Convertri vs Clickfunnels, which software should you be using?

Convertri vs Clickfunnels 2024 TL;DR

Convertri vs Clickfunnels 2024

The main difference between Clickfunnels and Convertri is the level of credibility each service holds because of the discrepancy in how many users are using each platform. Here are a few more areas where these two software platforms differ:

  • Access free training through Clickfunnels
  • Experience more flexibility in website building through Convertri
  • Clickfunnels is best for both experts looking to scale businesses and beginners
  • Convertri is best for beginners only

Free Trial


When you are just getting into e-commerce and are looking for funneling services that make the best fit for your business scheme, being able to try out features like website editors for free is essential before deciding that this service is just right for you. You have a two-week free trial for Clickfunnels where you get to look around what the platform has to offer for you; whether it be website editing, generating leads, and follow-up mechanisms. On top of that, you can use this to save some starting costs. If you already have a product in mind and think that it’s going to be a success, then you can use Clickfunnels’ free trial to create your website within two weeks and launch it by purchasing a premium plan when you feel like you are ready. You also get to see how your product looks once it has been added onto the website. Sometimes, it’s hard to sell your product without certain features like videos. Although Clickfunnels does accept video uploads, some funneling websites don’t! With the free trial, you can figure out all these aspects without having to give up a single penny. 

What we really praise about Clickfunnels’ free trial is its striking resemblance to the premium plans when it comes to accessibility to features. You still get to be a part of the Clickfunnels’ vibrant community, which means you get to receive feedback from other experienced users through forums. On top of that, you are allowed to use certain plug-ins, making plug-in testing possible! Overall, we would say that Clickfunnels’ free trial is very similar to what you can do in the paid plans, making it an accurate depiction of what it would be like to build your business using Clickfunnels. We strongly recommend that you give the free trial a chance: not only does it not cost a single penny, but it’s also very important when it comes to deciding whether or not you should use their services to launch your business! 

Of course, a free trial is a free trial. You will inevitably experience certain limitations along the way. First of all, you can’t set up your payment options or make edits to anything payment related. This is strictly for the premium users, putting free-trial Clickfunnelers at a bit of a disadvantage. But since free trial users aren’t really there to start generating revenue, this is not too big of an issue. That is, at first glance. If you think deeper, we believe that this is one of the biggest flaws of most free trials that funneling platforms provide: you have no idea what the checkout page is going to look like, how consumers are going to pay, and how you will be receiving the payments made by the customers. All of these are still in the air despite them being a few of the most important factors that go into creating a successful business. But if you feel confident about your business idea, making a small investment to see how the payment mechanism works could be argued as a necessary risk that you have to take as an entrepreneur. 

Once you do look through all of the free-trial and even the payment methods, if you feel like Clickfunnels isn’t what you exactly need, you can always opt-out by removing your credit card information when you have to pay for the next month. You do have to be careful: they usually receive automatic payments, meaning you have to be keen on getting rid of your credit card information when it becomes time. Also, they don’t explicitly say anything about delete your data after you’ve canceled your service explicitly, so keep that in mind if data is of concern to you usually.  


Convertri’s free trial is definitely not the best free trial compared to that of other funneling platforms. 

First of all, the free trial plan isn’t very similar to what you get to have in your premium plan. Although this might give you the illusion that Convertri’s premium plan has lots to offer, we believe that it is quite the opposite: the free trial is too limiting. Not only do you have limited features for website editing, you don’t have access to customization in terms of payments and follow-up emails. The problem with this is that it doesn’t really allow you to get a good feel of what their service is like once you purchase their plan. Having to go on a limb to start a business is an unnecessary risk that beginning entrepreneurs take. Convertri’s very limited free trial makes it quite risky. 

You will also have problems when it comes to arranging ways to receive revenue that you generate during the free trial. Although it is highly unlikely to make sales since you can’t have your website go public without paying for a domain, you might end up wanting to test what it’s like for customers. Even if you have the link to your website and the payment goes through, you will realize that you can’t get much done from the seller’s perspective. Compared to Clickfunnels, this is another limiting feature that really puts using Convertri at a disadvantage. 

One benefit that does come with Convertri’s free trial is the support that you can get. Although the templates and customization aspect might be limiting, it also means that it gets easier for employees in the customer service department to provide you with the help you need. Because they are familiar with most of the code since they haven’t been changed too much (mostly because users can’t in the free trial), if you run into any bugs, customer service will be able to help fix them. 

Overall, Clickfunnels is a better option when we look at what each platform provides during their free trial. The key advantage that Clickfunnels has over Convertri is how similar to the paid version their free trial is. It not only gives users a better idea of what they are about to get themselves into, but it allows users to adjust quickly since most of the features are the same. 

Pricing Comparison

As for pricing, Clickfunnels has a wider range of plans to choose from than Convertri. However, while Convertri does offer an annual discount, Clickfunnels doesn’t. This can make Convertri a bit cheaper, but we’ll have to look at the features for each plan to determine which one is, in terms of value, more efficient than the other. 

Beginner Tier

CF Platinum
$900/year if annually billed)
– Create up to 20 funnels
– Add up to 100 pages
– 1 other user to access your website
– 3 different payment gateways
– Connect to 3 different domains
– Funnel Hacker Forum
– Connect with different training courses from Funnel Flix
– Unlimited number of products
– Add up to unlimited pages
– 3 other users to access your website
– 9 different payment gateways
– Connect to 9 different domains
– Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
– Priority support
– Weekly Peer Review Hackathons
– Funnel Hacker Forum
– Connect with different training courses from Funnel Flix
– 250,000 Impressions/Month
– 25 funnels
– 250 pages
– 10 Custom Domains
– 10 Team Members
– 400+ Templates
– 20 Videos Hosted
– 100GB Video Hosting
– Unlimited Products
– Split Testing
– Page Importer

Convertri and Clickfunnels’ most basic plan are both very similar in price: around $100 per month if it isn’t annually billed. And, frankly, it seems like the paid features are very similar to each other as well, making it a hard debate to determine which one is better. 

An aspect that Convertri performs exceptionally well on is the number of custom domains, pages, and team members that its users can add to the admin group. These three factors are the most important areas when it comes to starting to scale a business, meaning starting businesses will definitely be able to scale without having to change funnel providers in the middle of their business. In this area, Convertri provides lots of value for only $97 per month ($75 if annually billed!). 

At the same time, Clickfunnels provides so many training videos that it makes using the platform super easy. Perhaps the additional $2 for the additional information/education that you receive from Funnel Flix is worth it if you are completely new to e-commerce. Because they explain all the technical and theoretical aspects behind not only using their service but also learning how to grow a business, it’s very appropriate and valuable for beginners. At the same time, for those that have been in the field for a while, they’ll find that Funnel Flix won’t have too much to add to what they already have, but Convertri users might not really benefit from this if they know a lot about business and using funneling websites.

Ultimately, we actually would encourage you to choose Convertri over Clickfunnels’ Platinum plan and the Beginner plan. Convertri is very low risk while Clickfunnels’ Platinum costs so much more, making it that much more costly to maintain your business. If you are just starting to grow as a business, Convertri is the right way to go because you don’t really know the limits of your business in terms of generating profit. To stay on the safe side, Convertri’s plan is a better idea, especially since you should already be quite knowledgeable about e-commerce since you are starting to scale your business.

The best part about the three plans listed above and the two platforms in general is that you don’t really have to worry about having to opt-out at a certain time. Since you can cancel, pause, or resume your service whenever you’d like, you won’t be penalized for having to end it early. If you want to take a quick break, that’s also possible thanks to the pause feature on both platforms. 

Now that we know which plans are more valuable, let’s take a deeper look into the features offered by each platform. That way, you’ll be able to determine which service is right for you not only for financial reasons, but also in terms of what each service has to offer for you. 

Feature Comparison

Although Clickfunnels and Convertri both provide funneling services, they have additional factors that make one more appropriate over the other for some people, and vice versa for others. 

Checkout FormYesYes
Website Builder.YesNo
In-line Page EditingNoYes
Affiliate ProgramYesNo
Accelerated PagesNoYes
Custom DomainYesYes
Precise Element PositioningNoYes
Email Follow-upsYesYes
Mobile Specific PagesNoYes
SSL CertificationNoYes
Customizable Payment GatewaysYesNo
Tutorial PagesYesNo
Free Form Page EditorNo Yes
Code EditorYesYes
Same-party MarketplaceYesYes
Free TrialYesYes
Data AnalyticsYesYes
Plug-in CompatibilityYesYes

Of all of the functions mentioned above, for Clickfunnels, what wins it is the tutorial pages and videos (as in Funnel Flix) that they have made available for various users. Although this makes this more appropriate for beginners, that doesn’t mean more experienced users can’t pull value for these videos. On Funnel Flix, you get to learn more about the basics of running a business: something that can’t really be taught until you run a successful business yourself. As such, Clickfunnels’ tutorial page really sets itself apart from Convertri.

However, Convertri does have its benefits, with the most notable one being the free form page editor. Instead of using blocks like most website building softwares, including those included in the Clickfunnels package, Convertri allows its users to create their own layouts from scratch using their easy-to-use page editor. We have to say this is one of the largest advantages thanks to captivating landing pages being an important factor in increasing sales. WIth a fully customizable website, those with clear visions can transfer their thoughts onto their websites just as they thought they should look like.

Overall, Convertri and Clickfunnels have their own benefits, with the most staggering differences listed above. Choose the right plans and platforms according to your needs!

Clickfunnels vs Convertri Templates


There are so many different free templates that you can choose from right off the bat. And these aren’t some random, failing website structures. No! There are actually many people that found success using the free templates. They are free because Clickfunnels determined that it is one of the most popular formats when it comes to building a sales funnel. Don’t ever be afraid to use the free templates when you don’t really feel like investing any more money into your business.

But, for your product, the template might not work too well. Then, you can visit Clickfunnels Marketplace, where you get to find custom templates uploaded by other users. Most of these templates range from prices between $50 to $300, but if you think perfecting the landing page and your overall website aesthetic is essential to increase conversion rates, it’s always worth it. At the same time, if you are new to this e-commerce industry, maybe you can wait a little bit before you spend more money on templates. Another option is to make templates by yourself, but you need to know more about codes like HTML and CSS. 


Unfortunately, you can’t really find premium customized Convertri templates online. We believe that this is one of the largest drawbacks of using Convertri, but if you can make-do with free templates, then you shouldn’t experience many problems!

But to give you some perspective, most users don’t really need new templates other than the free ones provided by Convertri because it is already so customizable. If you are willing to put in the work and use the free form page editor tool, you’ll be able to create your own website without having to learn any HTML or CSS!

Support and Community


Clickfunnels has one of the best customer support systems/communities in the sales funneling industry. First of all, you can call them on 1-888-411-0243 during working hours for immediate help, use their live chat, and their FAQ section for any debugging purposes. What differentiates them, however, are the forums and the helpful users. 

You will find that Clickfunnels has a very active forum, meaning if you ask for help on their blogs, you’ll most likely find a few people willing to reach out and find solutions for you. You definitely can’t count this out. Surrounding yourself with people willing to help is a huge privilege that many Clickfunnels users have!


Convertri’s customer service is available during work hours via live chat, although some users have reported some issues in connecting with employees through the chat service on their website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they have a phone number listed for their website.

But we don’t think you will have to call them at all, because they have more than 80 blog posts on various technical difficulties that most beginning users can face. This is one of the most effective ways to help your users get through problems that they might be faced with as they install new plug-ins, making their troubleshooting service a valuable one!

Clickfunnels vs Convertri Examples: Who is Using Them?


Clickfunnels, without a doubt, is one of the most popular funneling platforms today. In fact, as of August 2020, you can find that there are around 400 thousand websites created with Clickfunnels and its services, whether it be website building or domain hosting. It also doesn’t seem like this number is going to decrease any time soon, as the service has been receiving around 70 searches per day as of August 2020. 

The most notable examples of Clickfunnels users are American Orchid Society and Newsletter Pro. These two are huge businesses that generate around 10 million dollars in revenue, meaning Clickfunnels is perfectly capable of handling larger businesses as well as smaller ones!


Unfortunately, Convertri simply can’t compete in terms of popularity. Not only are there around 4000 websites built with the software as of August 2020, they are averaging only about one or two searches per day. It’s difficult to say that their services will grow any time soon, but it’s still a young funneling platform, giving it room to grow!

One notable user of Convertri is Cenegenics, where they focus on spreading information as a medical institute. However, this is still nothing compared to the numbers Clickfunnels users like American Orchid Society or Newsletter Pro are averaging. So far, there hasn’t been any pieces of evidence proving that Convertri is viable for scaling, larger businesses, but it does seem easier for beginners.

Affiliate Program Comparison


If you don’t really have the creative mind or the drive to start an entire business but have the influence to advertise well, you should consider becoming an affiliate marketer for one of the platforms. For Clickfunnels, affiliate marketing is already a very saturated industry, meaning you’ll find a lot of big influencers promoting their product. But keep in mind: there are different levels as an affiliate marketer. You can try to scale yourself from there. 

To speak more about the program’s details, everyone starts off as a regular affiliate, earning $100 through Clickfunnels’ program products such as books and tutorial series using your unique affiliate link. If the user buys a plan, you receive 20% of any monthly payments that users. The next stage is for you to become an approved affiliate which requires Clickfunnels’ approval. As an approved affiliate, you get to make 30% monthly commission. 

When you have more than 40 different users sign up on Clickfunnels and purchase a plan through your link, you’ll be able to make up to 40% in monthly commission. The best part about all of this is how sustainable it can be and how much it benefits both parties: the users get to know more about Clickfunnels while the promoter is rewarded for their efforts.


The affiliate program for Convertri is a lot simpler. Instead of there being different stages, just like its plans, you only have one option: to earn 30% in monthly commission every time a purchase is made through your affiliate link. 

Although there isn’t anything too special about this, one thing you have to note is that Clickfunnels has a variety of plans, both cheaper and more expensive. As a result, you might experience some changes in revenue. But for Convertri, it should stay the same unless users end up cancelling their plans, which is quite uncommon once they find success in e-commerce!

Related Questions

What is Convertri?

Convertri is a software that specializes in building sales funnels and landing pages. While there are many different sales funnels building softwares out in the market, Convertri really sets itself apart thanks to their unique website builder.

What is a sales funnel builder?

A sales funnel builder is nothing more than an interface editing tool that helps you guide customers through what they have to know about your product to ultimately lead them to purchasing it.

Why is Clickfunnels so expensive?

Although the price must seem daunting, you have to remember: Clickfunnels is expensive because it is pretty much an all-in-one software. You can build websites and generate sales without having to pay extra fees.

Do Clickfunnels work?

The software works just fine, but it ultimately comes down to how the user uses the software. If they choose a winning product, market it efficiently and effectively, and constantly look to scale their business, Clickfunnels will work!