Does Clickfunnels have an autoresponder

Does Clickfunnels Have an Autoresponder

The Automated Email Sequence is the most important part of your marketing funnel. It’s the vehicle that keeps your prospect warm during the sales cycle, and Clickfunnels offers a variety of tools to help you create an effective email sequence.

So, does ClickFunnels have an autoresponder? Yes, ClickFunnels has a built-in autoresponder called Actionetics that allows you to schedule the type (email and SMS) and frequency of messages you release to your current (and future) clients.

Autoresponders are a must-have throughout your business’ customer journey. Clickfunnels makes it easy for you as you can attach them to your funnels or web pages. Continue reading to learn more about Clickfunnels’ autoresponder.

The Clickfunnels Autoresponder: Actionetics

Clickfunnels autoresponder 2024

Clickfunnels has a built-in autoresponder, Actionetics that simplifies your engagement with leads and prospective clients. As marketing automation software, it will enhance communication with your targeted audience.

You will be able to design personalized sales funnels in form of email sequences. This will increase your conversions and help maintain communication with those who convert.

Actionetics stores contacts, builds email lists, creates, and dispatches autoresponder emails. It lets you act according to the funnel triggers you set up.

Features of Actionetics

Automated email segmentation

Actionetics enables you to build smart lists that can add or delete email contacts automatically. You just need to come up with a set of instructions to help with the segmentation into smart and actionable lists.

For instance, a smart list can result from instructions that separate contacts with unread emails.  You will later delete this list. Some rules that appear on the software’s smart list that help with segmentation of contacts include

  • Contact rules according to who they are
  • Funnel rules of who accesses a particular part of a funnel
  • Product rules depending on their purchase history
  • Email step rules for those who read a given email in a funnel

Flexible action funnels

Through Actionetics, you can perform various actions and send emails. The action funnels guide you in following up on your contacts. You can refine your actions by integrating third-party services like Facebook where you target your Facebook audience with custom ads.

Though ClickFunnels autoresponder uses emails, it also connects with your clients in a way that appeals to them since not everyone uses or likes emails. It works with such modes as retargeting ads, SMS, desktop notifications, and Facebook messenger.

Unlimited contacts

Actionetics allows you to add as many contacts as you can at no additional cost. This is a boost to your email marketing campaigns without worries about unpredictable costs.

Multi-dimensional broadcasts

The broadcast tool lets you do email tasks such as writing, scheduling, and sending at your pace. You can also check email engagement, subscriptions, and unsubscribers. It helps you format emails to your liking and add links.

The best function is that it broadcasts your information (in its original format) across various social channels. In this way, you capture many people’s attention within a short duration.

Contact profile

This Clickfunnels Actionetics tool provides all information and recent activity of your contacts with just a click on your dashboard.

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels Autoresponder


  • No limit to your contact list
  • Allows you to segment your emails using the Smart List option
  • Able to share action or follow-up funnels
  • Has a 14-day free trial
  • Can track your contacts’ purchase history


  • Costly as you need to have the $297 plan to access it
  • Lacks visual automation tool
  • Limited custom field functionality
  • Tedious contact deleting process
  • Must work within the Clickfunnels ecosystem

Differences Between Actionetics and other Autoresponders

1. Funnel integration

Actionetics autoresponder streamlines your workflow because of the easy funnel integrations. You can connect your funnels effortlessly and get working soon after.

2. Cost

At just one constant price of $297 per month, you get other benefits of using the ClickFunnels autoresponder. These benefits include valuable features like Backpack, funnel building, membership site, and shopping cart.

For other autoresponders like MailChimp or ConvertKit, you have to pay $15-$29 per month for basic automation. If you require more services such as funnel building, you have to increase your monthly subscription. As your contact list grows, so will your monthly subscription fee thus:

AutoresponderCost per  month for 5,000 subscribersCost per month for 10,000 subscribers
ActioneticsNo extra costNo extra cost
GetResponse$79 (standard)$95 (standard)

Note that the above costs are part of the monthly plans dependent on the features you sign up for. The costs tend to add up and may push your costs to hundreds of dollars each month.

3. Deliverability

Actionetics stands out in its swiftness of email delivery regardless of the type of emails. Getting an SMTP service assures you of smooth deliverability