does clickfunnels have email marketing?

Does Clickfunnels have email Marketing?

You’ve probably heard of Clickfunnels, which is a tool that allows you to create landing pages, build sales funnels and market your product online. It can even help you build your e-mail list, but so many of you ask: does Clickfunnels have email marketing

So, does ClickFunnels have email marketing functionality? Yes, ClickFunnels has email marketing through their “Follow-Up Funnels” (previously called Actionetics), designed to help you promote your business through e-mail, social, text, and desktop notification communication with your prospects.

If you’re already on Clickfunnels and are wondering whether it has an email marketing tool, then wonder no more. This is because it has the marketing tool, which will help you scale your business. Discover more about it in this article.

ClickFunnels Email Marketing 

does clickfunnels have email marketing?

Email marketing is a crucial part of your campaign effort. Done right, the outcome is rewarding.

ClickFunnels enables you to achieve your goals when you employ its email marketing funnels.

The funnels will transform your prospects into loyal customers. They are funnels within other funnels whose aim is to nurture leads through a series of automated emails. Scheduling and personalizing your emails will ensure better conversion rates.

4 Tips for Success with ClickFunnels Email Marketing

1. Ensure you build an email list

Email marketing will not work if you have no contact list and if you have one you need to continue growing it. This is where your Clickfunnels landing pages and sales funnels come into play. To get new subscribers to release their emails to you,

  • Design email opt-ins: they can be simple forms on your site that ask your visitors to subscribe
  • Have clear squeeze pages: these are landing pages, which are short and straightforward. They have only one offer and an impactful CTA
  • Irresistible offers aka lead magnets: offer appropriate incentives that will entice your audience to part with their emails. These could be a product, newsletter, case studies, relevant updates, videos, eBooks, industry news, reports, free downloads, and white papers
  • Create webinars: that attract a specific audience, which will give you a qualified list. Set up a webinar landing page with several hard-to-miss CTAs asking them to register
  • Convert your social media followers: maximize the followers you have by putting CTAs with every post you place on these channels. Where possible, have giveaways on these platforms but ensure you target your ideal audience

2. Design quality and engaging content

Be very deliberate about the quality of communication you’ll be sending out. Use strong CTAs, schedule regular follow-ups, and stick to them. For maximum value

  • Start with a ‘thank you’ email: thank your new subscribers, welcome them, and introduce yourself 
  • Use ClickFunnels autoresponder: it will automate your email sequencing efficiently and reduce the time involved in converting a lead into a client
  • Be tactical in your emails: don’t rush to pitch or sell, instead take time to warm your leads further by providing non-salesy information as it tends to be a turn-off.  Plan your email series so that there’s a good flow

3. Analyze results

You can get results that are more meaningful by tracking your email achievement. Clickfunnels dashboard displays the metrics of your campaign’s performance in the form of a broadcast summary.

Clickfunnels email marketing analytics

Your automation tool will automatically adjust the metrics to show how your subscribers are interacting with your emails. You need to take email analytics seriously since they provide clear pointers on how your campaign is faring.

Open rate shows the number of people reading your emails. If it’s high, you’re safe because people are excited to read your engaging emails and your relationship with them is growing. A low open rate requires that you inject more effort into your content so that it is compelling and valuable to your readers.

The click-through rate, CTR, reveals the number of people who clicked on the links in your emails. If it’s low, something is wrong. Either your copy is not aligned with your kind of audience, or it is not convincing enough. Consider improving your messages.

Pay close attention to the unsubscribe rate in comparison to the opt-in rate. If it’s higher than the opt-in rate, find out why people are leaving and at what point they are doing so. Fix your copy, CTAs, and marketing messages to make them more appealing.

4. Segment your list

 Email segmentation enables you to convey targeted communications. It involves splitting your contact list into several focused groups such as customer list, demographics, newsletter subscribers, and interests.

Enhance your segmentation by split testing your messages amongst the different groups you’ve created. That means you test your content, headlines, and best practices.