free Clickfunnels shirt

Clickfunnels Shirt

Never fear if you were too excited to build your first funnel and missed the free Clickfunnels shirt offer after signing up! …we have you covered, much like the shirt has you covered out in public!

Simply follow these 3 steps to get your free Clickfunnels shirt today:

  1. Sign up
  2. Watch four videos
  3. Email your T-shirt size

Clickfunnnels has now made it simple for you to receive a free funnel hacker shirt. The interest you have in the shirt will open doors for the enhancement of your online business through funnel hacking. Read on to learn more about this.

What’s Clickfunnels?

As you learned from the best Clickfunnels review, the software works towards enabling business people to achieve their goals of getting leads, converting them, and boosting their revenue. It helps entrepreneurs create landing pages and sales funnels.

CF is a vibrant community of like-minded funnel hackers whose sole aim is to improve their businesses. Most of the ClickFunnel users flaunt their funnel hacker T-Shirts, which makes you wonder how to get one.

Continue reading to discover an easy way of acquiring the free funnel hacker shirt.

How to Get the ClickFunnels T-Shirt (3 Simple Steps)

free Clickfunnels shirt 2024

It is now easy to acquire a funnel hacker T-shirt as opposed to a while ago when it was difficult. At the time, you needed to complete a few tasks first such as building a funnel and an opt-in page. The following three steps are what to do presently.

1. Sign up

ClickFunnels has free trials that run for 14 days. You sign up by providing your details, particularly the email address.

2. Watch four videos

After signing, watch four educational videos that explain more about funnel building and how to use them to scale your business. The videos are tutorials by Russell Brunson, which will enlighten you on digital marketing and online business.

Details of the four videos and their benefit

Here are the highlights of the four videos:

1st video: Summary about Clickfunnels – 0.46 minutes

2nd video: How to build a sales funnel – 9.19 minutes

3rd video: Types of funnels you can create – 4.47 minutes

4th video: How to edit pages – 7.29 minutes

These onboarding videos act as a manual that points your business towards success. Russell draws on his rich experience as a marketer to expound on the concrete principles of internet marketing, lead generation techniques, and lead conversion.

3. Email your size

Once you have watched the four videos, which takes about 20 minutes, CF will ask for your T-shirt size. They will then send it to you and cover the shipping costs.

Show me the shirt!

Here’s how the funnel hacker T-shirt looks like. It requires little effort to acquire it and the best thing…it’s free!

Free Funnel Hacker Clickfunnels Shirt

4 Reasons You Need the Clickfunnels Funnel Hacker Shirt

You could be wondering why there’s so much talk about a T-shirt. Well, it’s not just any T-shirt; it’s a branded ClickFunnels T-shirt that speaks volumes. Having the shirt:

1. Build Trust

Builds trust as your clients will see that you have gone the extra mile to increase your marketing knowledge

2. Built-In Advertising: Your Shirt-As-A-Salesperson 🙂

Rocking this shirt draws customers since you could have the solution they may have been seeking but had not come across.

3. Conversation Starter

Is a conversation starter especially when you are in a new place such as a conference, seminar, or meeting. This is a perfect chance of letting more people know about your brand and the benefits of using funnel hacks

4. Affiliate Booster

Boosts your affiliate business, as it will raise curiosity such that prospective clients will reach out to find out more

The Truth About Clickfunnels Funnel Hacking

Understanding funnel hacking is important for your business. It enables you to understand what other successful online businesses are doing and you may ‘borrow’ their funnel versions.

Funnel hacking focuses on revenues you earn from a funnel. It is part of growth hacking, lead generation, and email marketing. Funnel hacking is the way to go as you will save time by:

  • not building funnels blindly
  • not starting from scratch
  • using your competitors’ versions (that are successful)
  • saving time by testing what has worked for others in the past through split testing

Your ClickFunnels funnel hacker T-shirt will convey that you’re an authority in this field. Since not many people like stretching their minds about funnel building, your services will come in handy.

Build your marketing funnels by noting down all your competition, screenshot beneficial stuff on their websites, and then analyze the screenshots. You can also track the tools they use by employing advanced intelligence tools like PowerAdSpy and SimilarWeb.

With the information you gain, you can now invest wisely the way your competitors have done and ultimately create winning frontend and backend funnels.