How Many Users Does Clickfunnels Have?

How Many Users Does Clickfunnels Have?

How many users does Clickfunnels have? Well, that depends entirely on how you’re defining the phrase “user.” If you want to know how many people have subscribed to the Clickfunnels software, then the answer is a lot, but actual user numbers are a little more complicated.

So, how many users does Clickfunnels have? Currently, Clickfunnels boasts a membership of over 111,367 satisfied entrepreneurs and business owners. Ever since its founding in 2014, the innovative software company has been growing steadily year after year – so that number will be even higher by the time you read this.

One of the key metrics for any business is the number of active users, and ClickFunnels is no exception. ClickFunnels has over 100,000 active users at the time of writing, although this number is constantly growing.

This figure is an important one for the company as it shows how popular its products are. This number also acts as a barometer for potential investors, who can use it to determine how large the target market is for ClickFunnels.

How Many Users Does Clickfunnels Have 2024

Satisfied Users, AKA “Funnel Hackers”

Known as “Funnel Hackers,” Clickfunnels’ users are growing by the thousands each quarter and helping redefine the online shopping landscape.

The company shows no signs of slowing down and we can expand them to continue their steadfast rise in the years to come.

How Much is Clickfunnels Worth?

Clickfunnels was born out of humble origins and quickly became an impressive asset.

When Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson – both entrepreneurs with no coding experience, like many of the users they serve – joined heads back in 2014, their goal was to create a simple and yet successful funnel.

Their efforts paid off and resulted in an innovative venture that, in addition to empowering thousands of business owners, is valued at around $360 million.

Not too bad for Russell and Todd, right?

Who Uses Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels has users from across all industries and corners of the globe. Hospital & Health Care comprise their largest segment, followed closely by Marketing & Advertising. Check out a more comprehensive list of popular user sectors below:

  1. Hospital & Health Care
  2. Marketing & Advertising
  3. Recreational Facilities & Services
  4. Health, Wellness, & Fitness
  5. Computer Software
  6. Financial Services
  7. Real Estate
  8. Professional Training & Coaching
  9. Education Management
  10. Information Technology & Services

What Businesses are Suited for Clickfunnels?

With Clickfunnels, the opportunities to make money are endless. The service is a great tool for a number of different products, including the following: 

1. Ecommerce

Whether you want to build your own online store or just want to expand your existing operations, Clickfunnels can provide you with the tools to build a 7-figure business. Check out this video from a satisfied client and see why Clickfunnels is right for you.

2. Coaching/Consulting

Everyone’s got something to teach. From hosting a fitness class to helping others learn another language, providing services can be easy with Clickfunnels. Watch this short video to learn more.

3. Freelancing

When it comes to freelance, it’s all about placement. Freelancers and those trying to hire their services often are not aware of each other.

Clickfunnels can help you find high-quality leads and clients without sacrificing profits.

4. B2B Companies

All it takes for most B2B entrepreneurs to catch a break is to be noticed on time. Clickfunnels can be great exposure and a helpful networking tool to introduce groundbreaking business partners.

5. Blogging + Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not in the market of selling your own products, you can still be an entrepreneur.

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to make a killing just by selling other people’s products and collecting a commission.

Learn more here:

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

Times are tough when you’re a budding entrepreneur just launching your business. We know you want to spend every cent wisely and can’t afford to throw money down the drain.

Don’t worry: as 111,367 (and counting) happy users will readily tell you, investing in Clickfunnels is worth it.

The standard Clickfunnels plan costs about $100 per month, enough to give pause to business owners breaking into the scene.

Meanwhile, some competitors offer their services for just a fraction of the cost. You should know, however, that no one else offers what Clickfunnels does, and that what you would be getting elsewhere is only a fraction of what you can get at Clickfunnels. 

You should also remember that Clickfunnels gives you access to a wide-ranging number of services.

While other online platforms often require that you have a separate:

  • Content management system
  • Web host
  • Page builder
  • Email autoresponder
  • Order form
  • Shopping cart
  • And other marketing tools that can add up to a significant amount of money, Clickfunnels does it all for you. In other words, you definitely get your money’s worth.

If you still need a push, you’ll be happy to know a 14-day free trial is also available. Catch a glimpse of what Clickfunnels offers and decide for yourself.