how to add paypal to clickfunnels

How to Add PayPal to Clickfunnels

You chose to be here, so chances are you already know what both Clickfunnels and PayPal are (and the “why” for integrating with Clickfunnels). I assume you have already created a PayPal business account and have at least a free account on Clickfunnels? Great! Keep reading because this post walks you through how to add PayPal to Clickfunnels in take-you-by-the-hand-and-guide-you fashion…

Here’s how to add PayPal to Clickfunnels:

  1. Access your Clickfunnels account and go to the ‘Account Settings’ 
  2. Click the ‘Payment Gateways’ tab followed by ‘Paypal Version 2’
  3. To provide the information requested, go to the developer PayPal site
  4. Generate the info requested in step 3 and copy it
  5. Go back to ClickFunnels and paste this info in the space provided

If you’re building sales funnels on ClickFunnels, then the most natural step is to have a secure and trusted method of receiving payments. What better way of doing this than integrating your Clickfunnels account with PayPal. Continue reading to understand exactly how to do this.

Adding PayPal to ClickFunnels

Adding PayPal to Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels plays its part in helping you create great sales funnels with the sole aim of converting your visitors into customers. Avoid the danger of them not fully converting because of payment processing issues by adding PayPal. The steps below will help you integrate PayPal in 30 seconds to ensure no one abandons the cart due to payment options.

There are two methods of adding PayPal payment to your Clickfunnels site: 

  1. Employing PayPal’s API key
  2. Using the third-party product integration

In this article, we concentrate on the first method of adding PayPal using the API key.

The two basic requirements that guarantee a smooth PayPal integration for both methods are:

  • A Clickfunnels account
  • A PayPal business account

1st Method: Employing PayPal’s API key

Because you can sell your items in your Clickfunnels funnels, you require a form of payment gateway. This method enables you to integrate PayPal V2 through API to link your CF account to PayPal.

  1. Access your ClickFunnels account and go to the ‘Account Settings’ 
Click Clickfunnels Account Settings
  1. Click the ‘Payment Gateways’ tab and later search ‘Paypal Version 2’

The Payment Gateways opens the ‘Manage Payment Gateways’ window where you click on the yellow ‘Add Payment Gateway’ tab. It opens a window with a search bar for ‘Available Payment Gateways.’ Find PayPal V2 by writing PayPal in the search bar and choosing your PayPal account for linking purposes.

  1. To provide the information requested, go to the developer PayPal site

You’ll be asked to enter the Client ID together with the Secret Key from PayPal. Open a new window and go to your PayPal account (business). From the developer dashboard, click ‘My Apps & Credentials’ located on the left sidebar.

  1. Generate the info requested in step 3 and copy it

In that window, you’ll see the ‘REST API apps’ and below that is ‘Create App’’ in blue. Before you click on it, add an App Name in the space provided then confirm the developer account. Now click on the blue tab.

You can now copy the crucial details: Client ID plus Secret for the app. After reviewing the app details, save your app.

  1. Go back to ClickFunnels and paste this info in the space provided

Paste the code you have just copied from the PayPal account and then tap the tab, ‘Create PayPal V2 Account’ to complete the integration process.

You will receive an instant message that you’ve successfully created your PayPal account in the upper right corner. The PayPal V2 will now be among your payment gateways list.

2nd Method: Using the Third-Party Product Integration

This method allows you to place PayPal buttons in your sales funnels. It means you charge for your items on ClickFunnels through PayPal. This method is ideal if you have several payment options such as Stripe for credit cards. 

For this method, you also need a ClickFunnels page with an order form. It involves two major steps:

1. Making a PayPal button

Log into your PayPal account,  go to ‘Tools’ then ‘All Tools’ and tap on ‘Integrate PayPal’ to search ‘PayPal Buttons’ by tapping on it.

Continue with the promptings until you’re asked for two URLs. One is for redirecting customers who cancel their orders at checkout. The other one is for those who complete the checkout process. Before finalizing the PayPal button creation, you’ll go to the CF site to make a product.

2. Adding your product in Clickfunnels

Go to ClickFunnels funnel and then ‘Settings’ followed by ‘3rd Party Membership Access.’ When you tap on ‘Product’, you’ll need to type in the product name. Choose a ‘Billing Integration’, which should be ‘PayPal’, and enter the currency and cost.

You’ll get the Item ID from step 1 and type it as a Cart Product in the Third-Party Cart Integration. With more promptings, you’ll finalize the creation of the PayPal button and then add it to your order page.