How to cancel clickfunnels

How to Cancel Clickfunnels

The Clickfunnels team know that as a customer you want a lot of flexibility when it comes to your account. You may want to cancel your Clickfunnels account for various reasons such as: not receiving value from the platform, you haven’t received a response from customer service (or you’re unsatisfied with the response), you want to pause your account because you’re on a break from marketing, decided to switch to another software or membership site, decided to stay with Clickfunnels and cancel your trial, unhappy with your Clickfunnels membership and want to pause it to save money. Whatever your reason, here are the step-by-step instructions how to cancel Clickfunnels.

If you’re on the fence about canceling, check out this Clickfunnels review…you might just decide to stay. 😉

TL;DR: how to cancel Clickfunnels 2024:

  • To begin pausing your account, go to the account setting.
  • From the account settings, select account billing.
  • Once you’ve selected account billing, you’ll see a cancel account tab, where you will need to select the cancel account button.
  • You will then need to select your reason for cancelation. After you have selected a reason, it will give the option to pause your account or continue with the cancelation.
  • Select the option that suits you (Clickfunnels is very convincing to keep your subscription or simply pause).
  • There will be a final selection to pause or cancel your account. Select the option and you are done.

Step-by-Step Instructions How To Cancel Clickfunnels in 2024

How to cancel clickfunnels 2024

There are many reasons you may decide to delete or cancel your click funnels account. If you ever decide to do so, you can rest assured knowing that it can be done from anywhere with an internet connection and access to the Clickfunnels website.

In order to cancel your click funnels account you should follow the instructions step by step. Once your account is properly canceled, you will no longer be billed. You will also lose access to the account, as well as all of the contacts and pages associated with your click funnels account.

Step 1

Once you sign in, go to your account dashboard. Use your mouse to hover over the account icon on the right-hand corner of your screen. Once the pie menu reveals itself, select the (Account Settings) option.

Step 2

On the left-hand side of the page, you should see a menu, with (Account Billing) as an option. Select account billing.

Step 3

Under the heading (Account Billing & Subscription) you should see the option to Cancel Account. Select Cancel Account.

Step 4

Once you click Cancel Account, it should give you the option to (Cancel My Account). Select Cancel My Account.

Step 5

After you have selected the Cancel my Account option, it will prompt you to provide a reason for canceling your Click funnels account. You can select the option that closely resembles your reason for canceling your click funnels account.

Step 6

You have almost completed your account cancelation. After you select your reason for cancelation, it will take you to another page. Scroll to the bottom of that page and select the (Continue to Cancel) option.

Side Note: At this point in time, if you would rather pause your account, you can select the option to do so here. Instead of (Continue to Cancel), select the (Pause Account) option instead.

Step 7

Select (Finalize Cancelation).

Step 8

The website will ask you if, you are sure. Select (Yes).

Once you have completed step 8, you can rest assured knowing that your account has been canceled, and you should no longer be billed for your click funnels account.

How to Pause Clickfunnels Account

Pausing your click funnels account is just as simple and easy as canceling it. The steps for pausing your click funnels are the same as the steps to cancel it, but with a slight variation.

To pause your click funnels account, refer to the steps above, pay close attention to step 6, and follow the directions given in the side notes instead.

What Happens When You Cancel Clickfunnels?

When you cancel your click funnels account, you will no longer be billed for the service.

You will also no longer have access to the list of contacts, your pages, and your funnels will not be live any longer.

This means people can no longer visit your funnels through your click funnels account and the memberships created using your click funnels account will no longer be available.

You will also not have access to create any new funnels.

A paused Clickfunnels account will simply put it into sleep mode. This means the funnels you created will no longer be accessible by anyone.

You will not be able to build new funnels or have access to your contacts, integrations, and domains until you upgrade to an active Clickfunnels account once again.

This makes it so all the funnel building you’ve done isn’t gone, but on pause, until you are able to reactivate your account.

Reinstatement of your click funnels account is possible and should be done within the first 30 days of cancellation.