Is Clickfunnels a Website Builder?

Is Clickfunnels a Website Builder?

Clickfunnels is one of the most popular sales funnel software online. It’s used by entrepreneurs to sell anything from physical products to digital services. It’s also used to capture leads, build landing pages, create sales pages, and so much more. But…is Clickfunnels a website builder, or should it “stay in its lane” with sales funnels?

So, is Clickfunnels a website builder? Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder that can be used to build full websites. Clickfunnels is best suited for entrepreneurs with no programming or coding skills who want to create beautiful sales landing pages and handle the conditional flow between the steps of a sales funnel.

What is Clickfunnels?

Is Clickfunnels a Website Builder 2024

Clickfunnels software is a platform with various features to create sales funnels and generate leads for your company.

This software is for any business online and for a broad range of markets. So, this product is for anyone who sells services/products online. Also, a sales funnel is a process that includes several steps to transform leads into customers.

This platform gives you all the strategies and tools to easily do the following for your site:

  • Utilize its user-friendly webpage editor to easily drag and drop on your website
  • Build sales funnels quickly that will convert visitors.
  • Use one-click upsells on the smart shopping cart page
  • Employ marketing automation for Facebook and email marketing
  • Take full advantage of its easy dashboard that has everything organized
  • And more

With clickfunnels, your website can be user-friendly and efficient, so you can earn more growth online without any hassle.

I’m Still Unsure: CAN You Use Clickfunnels to Build a Website?

Clickfunnels allows you to produce sales funnels that will convert your traffic into leads. And as previously stated, it provides everything your business needs to market, sell, and deliver your services and products online.

A sales funnel refers to a small website with pages that visitors must navigate to purchase a product. These sites are very common, and many companies utilize them for more awareness and to produce a bigger audience. Funnels, opt-in pages, and lead pages serve the same purpose which is to contact information or collect sales.

A clickfunnel will enable you to create sales funnels that will transform the conversion of visitors into leads. The clickfunnel will guide the leads until they proceed to the payment page. Then, they will officially become your customers when they complete the payment process.

There will also be an upsell or two on relatable items of the purchase that the customer will possibly need. Other than that, the funnel will collect payments, and it will track the page performance in your funnel. That way, you can see how well clickfunnels are doing on your site.

How do I Use Clickfunnels to Build My Website?

You first must sign up for clickfunnels. They have a 14-day trial to try them out. From there, you will get a well-to-do dashboard that is user-friendly and will help guide you on your website building journey and more.

You must log in to your account, and then you will build a funnel. The next steps are as follows: Add the funnel to your domain, name your site’s pages, add additional pages (if you prefer), and create a menu. If you possess a domain name for your website, you can click on Settings, and then click on domain. You will then add the name to the domain and click on save.

When it comes to naming your pages, you will see the Settings as a gear icon once you click on a page in the left column. You must then click on Settings, and a window will open for you to name your page. Once you name the page, you will then click on update.

Clickfunnels acts as a big landing page instead of having multiple pages. Nevertheless, if you want to add more pages, just click on “Add New Step” to create another page. Otherwise, you can click on what you are interested in on the landing page, and a menu will open up.

After you completed your pages, you will need a navigation menu. Remember, the whole purpose of Clickfunnels is to guide your visitors to the payment page, so they won’t get lost and leave. So, to get a navigation menu, you will click on the menu bar on top of the page. On the pencil icons by each menu link, you can click on one of them to change it to your new page.

There are other things you can do with clickfunnels as your website builder as well. You can personalize your site’s pages in various ways. You can insert your YouTube videos, add products, add/remove sections, change the text/images, and more.