Is Clickfunnels Free?

Is Clickfunnels Free?

I’ve heard a lot of questions from my readers and I thought this would be a great opportunity to clear up any confusion about the Clickfunnels Free Trial. So many of you have asked emailed, asking “is Clickfunnels free?” and instead of answering each email, I will give you a direct answer here…

So, is ClickFunnels free? No. ClickFunnels is not a free software, but they do offer a 14-day free trial. After the free trial ends, the standard account is $97/month and the premium is $297/month.

Note: all funnels created during the free trial will not be saved if the subscription is not renewed.

Is Clickfunnels Free 2024

This may be bad news for some of you, but we have found the top alternative that is the most similar to ClickFunnels but completely FREE. Quick action is required for our top pick so we urge you to keep reading to find out more.

Yes, the Clickfunnels trial is free and I’ll get into what you get with the free trial in the next section. Then, let’s take a look at some free alternatives to Clickfunnels.

Best Free ClickFunnels Alternative (in 2024)

The top best alternative that we will discuss is..

GrooveFunnels (Requires quick action!)


Simple to UseLocked Features
All in One PlatformStill In Beta
Always ImprovingNo Custom Domain
Completely Free (for now) 
Affiliate Program 
Unlimited Sales 
No Credit Card Required 


1. Simple to Use

A simple interface that allows for drop and drag creation, no experience of programming or technical skills are necessary. Like with ClickFunnels, website templates are also available for use.

2. All in One Platform

After signing up, a funnel can be created immediately with just the base tools provided (GroovePages LITE and GrooveSell).

  • GroovePages LITE – A faster and more user friendly ClickFunnels’ Pages, and SEO friendly
  • GrooveSell – for downloading invoices, charging, credit card information, refunds, etc

You can currently create and hold up to three websites with this free plan.

3. Always Improving

A relatively new suite of softwares with maintenance and bug fixes occurring daily. Their development team has a good relationship with the community and actively works to improve the software’s overall quality. Even entirely new features are being added in the upcoming months.

5. Completely Free

With the pandemic, GrooveFunnels transitioned their basic account to being completely free and upon signing up, you obtain a lifetime free membership.

The company is reverting back to subscription-based in quarter 1 of this year with no exact date. Currently still available and should be available until the end of March if not longer.

Even if you do not immediately need an account, we urge you to make one before you have to start paying $99/month again for what is currently free!

6. Affiliate Program

Like with ClickFunnels, an affiliate program is available even to those with a free account. You can earn 20% in affiliate sales when people upgrade to a paid subscription if they use your link. If you yourself upgrade to a paid subscription, affiliate sales then go up to 40%.

 Interestingly, if an affiliate refers someone who refers someone else, you still earn a 5% percentage from the second person (tier one and tier two affiliate subscriptions).

7. Unlimited Sales Potential

Unlike other free funnel builders, GrooveFunnels does not cap you at a certain earnings threshold in order to force an account upgrade.

8. No Credit Card Required

No strings attached, an account can be made without any kind of credit card on hand.


1. Locked Features

Though you don’t need any of the locked features to set up your funnel and start selling, certain SEO, marketing, and membership features are locked unless you have an upgraded feature.

  • Silver – $99/month
  • Gold – $199/month

Premium accounts have a fourteen day free trial just like ClickFunnels

2. Still in Beta

Since GrooveFunnels is still relatively new, bugs are expected. Nothing major, but it might be frustrating at times to use.

3. No Custom Domains

The premium versions allow you to have custom domains but the base version does not.

2 More Free Clickfunnels Alternatives

The second best alternative is a combination of two FREE services

  • Convert Kit
  • Thinkific

 Convert Kit – to reach and guide audience

Allows Easy SellingCap at 1,000 Email Subscribers
Tagging and Segmenting AudienceHard Learning Curve
In depth Tutorials 
Free Forever 
Custom Support 

Thinkific – to create your products

Easy to Create CoursesLimit to 3 Courses (can upgrade)
Clear User Interface 
Professional Look 
Free Forever 
Full Video and Content Hosting