Is Clickfunnels safe?

Is Clickfunnels Safe?

You’ve probably seen the advertising for Clickfunnels. The company’s name is an obvious reference to the tool’s main purpose: it “funnels” visitors from one website to another, encouraging them to buy something while they’re on your site. But, is Clickfunnels safe for your visitors (and for you, the site owner)?

So, is Clickfunnels safe? Yes, Clickfunnels is 100% safe. If you choose to host with Clickfunnels (subdomain), you get a free SSL certificate and peace of mind that the tool is PCI/DSS compliant and that all payment gateways are encrypted.

Clickfunnels is simply a tool that helps anyone build their own marketing funnels in a few easy steps without needing technical expertise. If you want to talk about safety, think about life before Clickfunnels…this is what it’s still like for some other funnel building tools. For example, if you wanted to create a marketing funnel you had to:

  • Create all the individual pages
  • Connect a shopping cart
  • Create autoresponders
  • Connect a merchant account

And when that was all said and done, you still had to connect 3rd party integrations and hoped that your funnel would not only work, but also be secure! No one should have to deal with all those moving pieces. With Clickfunnels, everything you need to build and launch your marketing funnel is automatically done for you, creating a flawless setup.

How Safe is Clickfunnels?

Is Clickfunnels safe in 2024?

There is a vast number of malicious websites on the internet, questioning the safety of Clickfunnels is normal. Clickfunnels is a significantly safe software platform.

The platform has put several features to enhance its security system. Listed below are some of these features.

It Has SSL Certification

An SSL certificate is a tool that enables encryption of data shared between customers and the server. Every website that deals with sensitive customer information should have this key security feature. It provides the authentication of personal data to the website. This ensures that the Clickfunnels platform is secure for its users. Moreover, a website goes through special validation processes to possess SSL certification.

It is PCI/DSS Compliant

A PCI/DSS compliant platform has undergone verification to process secure payments. This compliance can only be conferred on a legitimate and safe website platform.

Payment Methods

The payment methods are encrypted. Enhanced SSL protocols ensure that transactions are not intercepted by third parties. There are safe and secure payment gateways that have been integrated into the software platform.

Yes, Clickfunnels is Safe, but here are 5 More Reasons to Choose It

Clickfunnels can be valuable to both small-scale and large-scale businesses. It aids business owners to stay above their direct competitors.

Below, we discuss even more reasons why you should use this software platform:

1. Ease of Design

You no longer need to have the exceptional experience to design a sales funnel.

Nowadays, you can design a sales funnel without needing professional technicians and marketers. You can save time creating pages with the funnel templates provided on the platform.

Other features such as the landing page builder and email integration have simplified this once arduous process.

2. It Includes Actionetics

This is a useful feature to help boost revenue. This is a complementary feature that can profile the details of your email subscriptions. It automatically responds to emails.

3. It Saves Time and Money

Clickfunnels delivers on what it claims to do. It consolidates the entire sales funnel process into a single tool. This saves your business time and money.

4. All-Inclusive Platform

Clickfunnels features key components that you need to build a quality sales website.

It provides you with everything- a website builder, templates for landing pages, and automated emails. These are elements that are generally built and managed separately.

Also look for tools to integrate a sales website with social media campaigns.

5. Training

If you’re a Clickfunnels beginner, you can greatly reduce your learning curve with this SaaS, as it offers over a dozen courses that will teach you how to get traffic and convert that traffic into customers. Available courses include:

Tony Robbins Private Collection

Legendary speaker Tony Robbins has been the keynote for the past two years at Funnel Hacking Live. A personal friend to Russell Brunson, he is known as the world’s number one Life and Business Strategist. He’s helped millions of people all over the world wake-up their lives through his teachings and seminars. If you want that performance edge, this course is for you.

One Funnel Away Challenge

This course will help you to build and launch your first funnel in 30 Days. You’ll get step-by-step coaching for 30 days to ensure you stay on track and meet your goals. You’ll see results at the end of each day’s training, which will give you the clarity needed to make your funnel successful.

Traffic Secrets

If you’ve been looking to master cold traffic, this traffic mastery program has exactly what you need. From keywords to media buying, you’ll discover how the experts hone in on their perfect audience. This is one of the best classes for all things traffic and conversion.