Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Clickfunnels has been around for a while, but Kajabi has been recently coined the Clickfunnels “killer”.


Because more and more people believe that the latter’s services are superior. So what exactly are the differences between the two?

But most importantly…which one is a better option for Y-O-U?

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels 2024 TL;DR

The main difference between Clickfunnels and Kajabi is website customizability. Kajabi only offers code editing options once you purchase their pro plan, while Clickfunnels makes code editing easy.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels 2024

Here are a few more Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi differences in 2024:

  • Customize payment gateways with Clickfunnels
  • Send unlimited follow-up emails with Kajabi
  • Clickfunnels is best for beginners that are just starting to learn what e-commerce is
  • Kajabi is best for businesses that need a lot of follow-up emails like selling courses

Free Trial


Before subscribing to one of Clickfunnels’ premium plans, you have the opportunity to try Clickfunnels’ features for two weeks during a free trial session.

While these free trial sessions are frequently provided by many subscription-based services, the free demo is an especially insightful one for Clickfunnels. As users start to familiarize themselves with the e-commerce industry, they will have to come up with a product that seems sellable, which also includes being able to present the product on a website.

For example…

if it’s difficult to explain what a product does without a video, you probably shouldn’t sell the product on a website builder that doesn’t support video files! The trial session is for you to check if such options are available.

Being able to look through what your experience with Clickfunnels would be like is made possible because most of the building features are identical to what is provided for premium users. This means you’ll be able to check if you have specific features like video embedding and various plug-ins that you might need for your website.

What does it all mean?!

It means you won’t have to waste any money as you wait for your business to gain momentum. Instead, you can build your website up to the point where it is ready for launch. Once your free trial expires, you can purchase a plan to complete your payment gateways and, finally, launch your business.


The free trial will not provide you with the option to make changes to how you are going to receive your payments or purchase a custom domain for your website. Therefore, it’s difficult for you to generate revenue with the free trial.

If you, for whatever reason, decide that Clickfunnels’ services are not for you, you can always opt-out by not putting your credit card information when it becomes time for you to pay for your service.

However, they don’t say anything about deleting your data, so that’s another aspect to consider before you sign up for their service.


Kajabi has one of the best free trial programs in the funnel building world.

While this trial is as limited as Clickfunnels, Kajabi makes it clear that they want their users to use the free session as an opportunity to learn more about the platform and how they can use it to their advantage…

How do they do this, you ask?

Kajabi has made Kajabi University (the Kajabi equivalent of CF Funnel Flix) completely free for all Kajabi site owners. This includes new users that have just started building their website.

It is without a doubt that Kajabi is very beginner-friendly, and most users agree that Kajabi University is a great way to first learn more about how to make money online and how to use the software/functions available on Kajabi.

Moreover, with 24/7 customer support, new users get to experience what it’s like to solve any technical issues that might arise in the process of launching a business.

Now, quick customer support is important for e-commerce business owners due to how easy it is to lose visitors to their stores.

Unlike a physical store, online stores are very prone to losing traction, especially if the connection is too slow or if the website doesn’t seem all too professional. Having quick customer support will allow for new users to solve bugs quickly enough to maintain that momentum for their business that they’ve worked on so hard to grow.

They can’t really generate revenue, however, because they can’t set up a proper payment gateway just like Clickfunnels’ free trial. Nevertheless, it’s great for beginners that are just starting to learn how to get into e-commerce.

Pricing Comparison

Now that you know all about the free trial programs offered by Clickfunnels and Kajabi, maybe you feel ready to invest some real money into your e-commerce store. To do so, you’ll have to choose from one of the many plans available on either of the platforms.

So which one brings more value to the table than the other and in which circumstances will certain plans be more useful?

Beginner Tier

Kajabi Basic
OR save $360 w/annual billing
Kajabi Growth
OR save $480 w/annual billing
– Create up to 20 funnels
– Add up to 100 pages
– 1 other user to access your website
– 3 different payment gateways
– Connect to 3 different domains
– Funnel Hacker Forum
– Connect with different training courses from Funnel Flix
– 3 products
– 3 pipelines
– 10000 contacts
– 1000 active members
– 1 website
– 1 admin user
– Unlimited landing pages
– Unlimited marketing emails
– Kajabi University
– 0% transaction fee
– Webinar and events
– Templates
– Quizzes & Surveys
– Chat support
– Automation
– 15 products
– 15 pipelines
– 25000 contacts
– 10000 active members
– 1 website
– 10 admin users
– Unlimited landing pages
– Unlimited marketing emails
– Kajabi University
– 0% transaction fee
– Webinar and events
– Templates
– Quizzes & Surveys
– 24/7 chat support
– Advanced automation
– Remove Kajabi branding
– Affiliate program

Just as we look at the beginner tier, you can tell that there are significant differences between what Kajabi’s basic plan offers compared to what Clickfunnels’ basic plan offers.

The first major difference is in the number of admin users that have access to the website. While Kajabi only offers one, Clickfunnels offers two.

Although this might not seem like a huge difference, it’s definitely something that people looking for partnerships need. If you can’t have anyone else access and edit your website, you’ll have to have professional web-designing experience to be able to compete with those that hire web-designers instead.

Another important difference is being able to customize three different gateways versus not having that option. Having different gateways basically means you have more ways through which your consumers can pay. This automatically expands your customer-base, which, in tern, generates more revenue. In this aspect, Kajabi is lacking. Because they don’t really have the option for you to fully customize your payments, you might be missing out on other ways to accept payments from your customers. 

Upper Tiers

CF Platinum
Kajabi Pro
OR save $3828 with annual billing
– Unlimited number of products
– Add up to unlimited pages
– 3 other users to access your website
– 9 different payment gateways
– Connect to 9 different domains
– Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels
– Priority support
– Weekly Peer Review Hackathons
– Funnel Hacker Forum
– Connect with different training courses from Funnel Flix
– 100 products
– 100 pipelines
– 25000 contacts
– 20000 active members
– 3 website
– 25 admin users
– Unlimited landing pages
– 2,000,000 marketing emails
– Kajabi University
– 0% transaction fee
– Webinar and events
– Templates
– Quizzes & Surveys
– Chat support
– Advanced automation
– Remove Kajabi branding
– Affiliate program
– Code editor

The Kajabi vs Clickfunnels upper tiers are more for those that are looking to scale their businesses. These people should already have an online presence and a theme for their store so that any additional products are in line with the rest of the products/services they sell.

Between Clickfunnels’ Platinum and Kajabi’s Pro plan, we believe that Kajabi Pro brings more value.

Even though Clickfunnels’ Platinum plan is cheaper than Kajabi Pro, the latter option offers more in terms of practical advantages such as having a lot of admin users. Having 25 users basically means you have a team of 24 other people working on the same project as you are. In other words, Kajabi Pro makes it very easy for you to scale your business as you hire better, more professional website editors/workers.

If you’ve generated enough revenue and you are starting to gain momentum, Clickfunnels’ Platinum plan is a better option as it is cheaper, meaning less risk. Paying nearly $400 for a business idea that hasn’t proven to be scalable is an unnecessarily business maneuver!

So instead of going with Kajabi Pro, if you are more at the intermediate level in e-commerce, the platinum plan is the right one for you.

On top of these two top tier plans, however, is an even more value-added plan provided by Clickfunnels:

The Clickfunnels Two Comma Club.

As you might be able to guess from the name, being a part of Clickfunnels Two Comma Club requires you to generate at least a million dollars (hence the “two commas”) and pay a monthly subscription fee of $2,497 per month.

We know, it’s a pretty large amount of money. The benefits?

Well, you get:

7 more admin users, 18 more payment gateways and domains. So is it worth it? We don’t think so, unless you plan on publicizing the fact that you are a member of Clickfunnels’ Two Comma Club. It’ll help you gain more traction for your company, but having to pay $2,497 is a bit much for most users because at that point, you’d probably have yourself a solid brand and should probably look to establishing an office.

Luckily, you don’t have to stay locked in a contract, since you can cancel (or close your store) at any point. This further reduces the risk of you involving yourself in e-commerce as you aren’t obliged to pay any penalty fees for ending your subscription early. Take advantage of this aspect and give e-commerce a try!

Feature Comparison

Now, while Clickfunnels and Kajabi are very similar, they do have their differences. Check this table out for a more in depth explanation!

Checkout FormYesYes
Website Builder.YesYes
Affiliate ProgramYesYes
Custom DomainYesYes
SEO OptimizerNoYes
Email Follow-upsYesYes
Customizable Payment GatewaysYesNo 
Tutorial PagesYesYes
Code EditorYesYes
Same-party MarketplaceYesNo
Free TrialYesYes
Data AnalyticsYesYes
Plug-in CompatibilityYesYes
Business TrackerNoYes

For Kajabi, we’d say having an SEO Optimizer built in to the system is one of the biggest advantages: you’ll not only be able to create fancy product pages but also create them in a way such that Google will be able to find them too!

On the other hand, having same-party marketplaces for Clickfunnels can make choosing templates so much easier as they’ll know who to reach out to if they need to get help debugging for a specific template. Third-party marketplaces is relatively loosely regulated, so if you end up purchasing a buggy template, it’d make your business difficult to launch.

Clickfunnels vs Kajabi Templates


Clickfunnels has tons and tons of free templates that you can choose from.

The best part about this is that seven and eight-figure businesses also use the same template as the free templates listed on Clickfunnels, so you won’t have to worry about your template not being good enough to attract customers.

Instead, with the easy-to-set-up outline, you get to focus more on what your marketing strategy is going to be and what you’re going to write for your product description.

But if you really don’t feel like any of the free templates are doing you and your brilliant business idea justice, you can move towards finding custom templates by buying premium ones on the Clickfunnels Marketplace.

While most of the templates range from prices between $50 to $300, if you feel like you can create the perfect landing page with these premium templates, then, by all means, go for it! With the same mentality, if you aren’t sure if it was your template that was causing problems with your business, then it might not be the best investment at the moment to buy premium templates.

A potential downfall of this, however, is that it might be very difficult for Clickfunnels’ experts to help you in such custom templates because of how the HTML/CSS codes are probably written differently.

To really debug any technical issues, your expert will need to spend more time understanding what happened, since the structure might be something that they aren’t too used to. This eventually leads to delayed service and, in e-commerce, time is money. When you’re wasting time trying to repair your website, you’re essentially wasting money.

The same downfall applies when you try to create your own template since it’s impossible to create one without writing your own HTML/CSS code.

Sure, it might look really nice, but if it turns out to be not compatible with certain plug-ins, your Clickfunnels’ experts might not be able to help you with this problem. For this reason, we really just recommend purchasing templates from the official marketplace run by Clickfunnels if you don’t want to use the free templates.

If none of the user-created and default templates entice you, you can always revert to the very root of website designing:


However, it’s pretty difficult to make these templates unless, of course, you have prior knowledge in coding. Even then, you have to have a pretty good eye for art, color, and design (which some might lack in). But if you do, then making small tweaks to your website can make your landing page much more pleasant.

One way around this is to use unique templates that are used by other people as well. This feature is actually available on Clickfunnels as people share and use others’ templates all the time. By doing this, you can get your hands on fancy templates and can consult issues with another person (but not a Clickfunnels’ expert).


Kajabi does have free templates, but they are not as professional or as diverse as those that are provided by Clickfunnels.

It’s also worth mentioning that the structure of Kajabi’s template is too generic: so many e-commerce stores are already using this exact same layout, thus potentially harming your store’s credibility. One upside is that they have a drag-and-drop feature to make edits to your existing template, but that’s quite limited.

Instead, using unofficial marketplaces where you can build and upload Kajabi themes might be a better option for you. Although the HTML and CSS codes are going to be different from how the employees at Kajabi usually read their codes, it doesn’t really matter as Kajabi’s support community isn’t too big.

In other words, you don’t really stay working with Kajabi because of its community, so why bother limiting yourself with simpler templates?

Moreover, since these marketplaces have website builders built-in them, there can’t be that many variables/differences between a website made using the website builder v.s. the original templates provided by Kajabi themselves.

Because you can still share your new designs, it opens up an entirely new way to generate revenue:

Buying and selling these templates to other e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Once you get good at web designing, Kajabi’s website builder is not only great for you to build your website, but for you to also build a designing business to sell your service. But if you would like to share/give away your templates for free, you can always do that too!

Thanks to the website builder, you will never have to really learn CSS or HTML to be able to build the website of your dream. There is, however, a bit of a problem when it comes to adding plugins or additional extensions to your website. The change in code structure might make it difficult for your plugin to function properly and, even worse, might crash your website!

But if you have a solid grasp of coding, then you can use the Code Editor feature available for the Kajabi Pro plan. With this feature, you’ll get a whole new level of customization but that always also means more ways for things to go wrong.

However, if done correctly, the end result can be what changes your business into a six-figure business.

Support and Community


Clickfunnels’ support services are one of the best ones that we’ve ever seen.

If you want to reach out to them from the United States, you can shoot Clickfunnels’ customer support a quick call at 1-888-411-0243. You will find that most problems on your website should be taken care of.

Unfortunately, it is hard to do the same when you want to contact them outside of the United States where the time zones are drastically different.

This might be inconvenient for those that are trying to work on their businesses after their usual working hours since they might find that they are unable to reach out for immediate help. But then there’s Clickfunnels’ brilliant community!

Even though people can’t receive direct help from Clickfunnels’ professionals, there are many people in the community that are willing to help people that have questions.

To be more specific, Clickfunnels users post lots of different questions, and equally many Clickfunnels users post answers to them. Usually, if you are looking for a way around a beginner’s problem, there should already be a solved question that’s been posted on the Q&A forum.

On top of this, Clickfunnels gathered various questions that most people have when they are first getting started with their services, whether it be payment reception or website building. In their FAQ section, you should be able to find answers to foundational questions as well as more specific ones, like troubleshooting why you can’t embed your video into your website in a way that you want it to look.

Live chats are also an option, but we don’t recommend you using it. Live chat is only really useful when you can text them during their working hours. But during their working hours, it’s more efficient to give them a call instead because you get quicker replies.


Kajabi’s customer service is also sufficient, especially given that most Kajabi users are likely beginners. They have a help center with very detailed categories ranging from Themes and Design to Contact, Member, & Affiliate Management.

If you click on one of these categories, you are then taken to another page with a bunch of articles written to answer some common questions. Needless to say, their pages are quite helpful for anyone that might run into similar problems as other people!

Kajabi also has a program called Kajabi University, where beginners can get their hands on well-made tutorials to see how they can make the most out of the website builder function on the website as well as how they should send payments to their bank accounts.

Kajabi University, because it is free for even the cheapest plan, makes this funneling service a very beginner-friendly one and really sets users up to success.

But Kajabi still lacks in having a community large and active enough for people to solve problems for each other.

Unlike Clickfunnels, Kajabi relies heavily on their FAQ section to solve most of the problems that their customers have. But you can still reach out to them via live chat and phone during their working hours if you have any specific questions!

Clickfunnels vs Kajabi Examples: Who is Using Them?


Clickfunnels is obviously one of the largest funneling service providers in the e-commerce industry thanks to how well they’ve developed their affiliate program. As of August 2020, Clickfunnels was searched around 60 to 70 times per day and is rising to this day. As more and more people learn about e-commerce, they are inevitably intrigued by what Clickfunnels is able to provide for them. Now, these numbers show that more people are interested, but what about actual conversion rates? As of August 2020, there are around 360 thousand websites that use Clickfunnels’ services. 

All of this is thanks to their online presence that they’ve rightfully gained through affiliate marketers, as nearly 50 percent of their website’s traffic is through social media. This means there are influencers that are actively endorsing Clickfunnels’ services not only because of the affiliate commission, but also because some believe that the funnelling platform is truly worth the price.

Some examples of large Clickfunnels websites are the American rchid Society and ReGreen. The former is a magazine that has been publishing articles since 1932, and the latter is a company that provides eco-friendly lighting solutions. They both have captivating landing pages thanks to Clickfunnels’ website builder and are able to follow-up as a result of email marketing!

It appears that Clickfunnels is best for those that are just getting started with e-commerce, as they have Funnel Flix and a vibrant online community that beginners can always fall back on. The support that a funneling platform like Clickfunnels has can’t be ignored!


Kajabi has been catching up despite starting off as a smaller funneling platform! As of August 2020, the number of searches is at 60 for Kajabi, which is only 10 less than Clickfunnels. The e-commerce industry really should get ready for Kajabi’s entrance!

And it seems like Kajabi is up there for good reason as they host their services for many large e-commerce businesses such as Couponxoo.com, where they average around 5.7 million visits per month. Another website is called krisamerikos.com, where they get around 660 thousand visits per month. As such Kajabi has shown that their services are perfectly capable of handling larger volumes of visitors, making it a decent competitor for Clickfunnels!

Similar to Clickfunnels, Kajabi is more appropriate for beginners as they have free training courses available to anyone, and their free-trial is so much more beginner-friendly compared to other funneling websites. But this doesn’t necessarily mean their funneling service isn’t appropriate for larger businesses as demonstrated by the two websites listed above!

Affiliate Program Comparison


If you aren’t too into e-commerce but are looking for a side-hustle, you should consider becoming an affiliate marketer for Clickfunnels! Clickfunnels makes affiliate marketing easy and an opportunity for everyone as they have different levels they assign to each affiliate marketer. 

You start off as a regular affiliate who receives $100 through Clickfunnels’ programs as visitors buy their services through your link. On top of this, you will receive 20% of any monthly payments that users make if they subscribe to one of many Clickfunnels’ plans via your unique affiliate link. But once you get good at it, you become an approved affiliate, where you get to make 30% monthly commission. 

And once you have more than 40 people sign up on Clickfunnels through your link, you’ll be able to make up to 40%! Even if people purchase the cheapest plan through your link, if you make it to this stage, you’ll be making around $1600 per month. Not bad for a side-hustle!

But as attractive as all this might seem, it’s hard to get people to click on your unique affiliate link unless you run a YouTube page or are big in any other social media platforms where you can promote your link. Moreover, most of the social media influencers are already enrolled in Clickfunnels’ affiliate marketing program, which means they are taking away your potential affiliate customers. Nevertheless, it’s still completely free, so give it a shot!


Kajabi’s affiliate program is quite complicated. Even after you become a Kajabi Partner, there are many levels of membership ranging from Blue to Legend, and depending on your ranking, you’ll be rewarded differently. 

For blue, you’ll be able to receive a maximum of $116.70 per month through your commissions. This means even if all of your affiliate customers purchase the most expensive plans and if the total amount of commission sums to be larger than $116.70, you still can’t get more than that amount. Clearly, there’s a laree roadblock that prevents affiliate marketers from really scaling their affiliate program business. 

If you bring in 50 people, you won’t be able to receive more than $5835 per month. Now, that doesn’t sound all that bad, but if you can bring in 50 people, why not bring them over to Clickfunnels and be able to receive an unlimited amount of commission? 

But you don’t necessarily have to endorse only one product and neglect the other: you can endorse both as an affiliate marketer and create two streams of revenue!

Related Questions

What is better than Clickfunnels?

It all depends on what your needs are. If you are looking to sell something that requires lots of follow-up emails, Kajabi is the right option for you. If not, Clickfunnels might be a better plan!

Is Kajabi good for SEO?

Yes. This is one of the areas where Kajabi excels in. Thanks to their built-in SEO Optimizer, you won’t have to worry about purchasing additional plug-ins, making everything so much more convenient.

Can I sell physical products on Kajabi?

Yes. They provide service for anyone that wants to sell anything online. However, we still want you to keep in mind that Kajabi has been specialized for selling courses (because they have lots of follow-up emails available for their users).

Is Clickfunnels worth the money?

Yes, since you get to have everything that you need in an online business in just one toolbox. Even if you aren’t the best at website editing, the website builders make it super easy for you to launch your business.