Remove Clickfunnels badge

Remove Clickfunnels Badge

The Clickfunnels affiliate badge is an easy way to make money as an affiliate marketer. But, there may be a time when you need to remove the affiliate badge for one reason or another. For example, you want to promote a different product or service or you want to promote a competitor’s product or service. Maybe you changed the name or URL of your account and the badge is no longer relevant. Whatever the reason, this tutorial will show you exactly how to remove Clickfunnels badge.

So, how do you remove Clickfunnels badge? You can remove your Clickfunnels badge with three easy steps:

  1. Click on the editing tab of your funnel
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘General’
  3. In the ‘General Settings’ choose ‘Hide’ to conceal the badge

But wait!

There are actually 3 methods for removing the Clickfunnels badge, depending on your situation.

The ClickFunnels badge need not hinder you from your normal activities. If you find it annoying, simply remove it. Continue reading to learn the three ways of doing away with the badge.

Steps to remove Clickfunnels badge

The Clickfunnels Badge

Clickfunnels encourages its affiliates and customers to display its badges at the bottom left corner.

CF gets to advertise itself and you earn some income on the side. This happens every time a site visitor clicks on that badge and purchases a CF product or service.

Before you make the final decision of removing the badge, consider the reasons for removal and weigh them against those for keeping it as explained below.

5 Reasons You Should Remove the Clickfunnels Badge

If you’d like your visitors to have the best experience and a clean site, then removing the badge is necessary. Here are reasons to consider:

1. It’s out of place: it’s possible that what your site is about doesn’t relate in any way with what ClickFunnels offers. There’s no chance that any of your visitors will ever purchase anything from CF.

2. It curtails a good user experience: your visitors may find the badge annoying and inappropriate. It may lead to high bounce rates.

3. The CF badge interferes with user attention: it can easily distract your site visitors whose attention you require so much. Things get worse if they click on the badge and are led to CF’s site. They may not return to your site to follow through with your CTAs.

4. Conceal your workings: you may not want the competition to know who built your landing page to maintain a competitive advantage over them.

5.  It can affect mobile users’ experience: with the short attention span of internet users, anything interfering with user experience places your site at a disadvantage. The icon is too big and therefore not mobile-friendly.

Why You Should Keep the Clickfunnels Badge

Having the badge has its advantages as we can see below.

1. You’ve chosen the affiliate route: If you decided to be a ClickFunnels affiliate, then having the badge is a plus for you. It will help you promote CF and earn in the process.

2. For professionalism: The ClickFunnels badge presents you as a professional who’s doing things the right way. Being associated with a known brand shows that you are a serious and focused individual.

3. Portrays your site as trustworthy: Having the badge on display, shows that you have nothing to hide about being an affiliate. Your visitors will appreciate this and with trust, they will go ahead and make informed decisions.

4. The badge helps you sell faster: if visitors are already aware of ClickFunnels and they encounter the badge on your site, purchasing or clicking on it will not need much convincing.

3 Methods of Removing the ClickFunnels Badge

Method 1: Removing an Existing Funnel

1. Go to the funnel with the CF badge and click on the ‘Edit Page’ tab.

2. Click ‘Settings’ and move down the drop down menu and click on ‘General.’

3. It takes you to ‘General Settings’ where you choose the ‘Hide’ option to conceal it from your funnel.

4. If you have other pages you want to hide the CF badge, repeat the above three steps.

General Settings to remove Clickfunnels badge from an existing funnel

Method 2: Turn Clickfunnels Badge Off for Future Funnels

This method is valid only if you receive less than 20k monthly visitors.

1. Access ClickFunnels dashboard through your account and go to the ‘Account Settings.’

2. Pressing on it and scrolling down will take you to the ‘Affiliate Settings’ part. Click on the ‘Down Arrow’ so the section enlarges.

3. Here you’ll see ’On’ for the ClickFunnels badge. Get rid of it by toggling on the switch so it’s ‘Off.’

4. This setting will save instantly so that the badge is off for any future pages or funnels you create.

Note that, in case you have exceeded your page or visits limit, the CF badge may temporarily be visible in your funnels.

Screenshots for toggling:

Method 3: Remove Clickfunnels Badge with Code

This method works irrespective of whether you’re on the basic plan or you receive more than 20,000 visitors each month.

1. You need to copy the following code for pasting later:

 (function () {

2. Pick one of your funnels randomly and go to the ‘Settings’ tab.

3. It will lead you to the ‘Body Tracking Code’ where you’ll insert the above code here:

Clickfunnels body tracking code section

4. After pasting, ‘Save’ at the bottom part of that page.

5. Use this process for all other funnels.