What is Clickfunnels Backpack

What is Clickfunnels Backpack

Read any Clickfunnels review and you know it’s powerful tool that helps people to create funnels for their online business. But…did you know there is more to Clickfunnels than just creating funnels? Their Backpack tool, for example…

So, what is Clickfunnels Backpack all about? Clickfunnels Backpack is an internet marketing software made for Clickfunnels users as an affiliate management platform. It enables online marketers to sell their products and services by setting up an affiliate marketing program.

But that’s not all, people! As you might have guessed, Clickfunnels’ creator Russell Brunson doesn’t stop there with Backpack’s features…

What is Clickfunnels Backpack

Clickfunnels Backpack Features to Go Nuts for…

Clickfunnels backpack is a tool that helps customers to create and send their email marketing campaigns. It helps to create drip campaigns with videos, lead magnets and opt-in forms in Clickfunnels, and it also helps to track the results of your marketing campaigns and improve your funnel results by doing A/B testing. It also helps you to manage your customer email lists.

Growing your online business requires traffic. One of the best ways to upscale your traffic today is through affiliate Clickfunnels programs such as Clickfunnels backpack.

Clickfunnels Backpack offers its users the following:

  • Ability to create an affiliate business program
  • Enable you to configure commission plans
  • An avenue to analyse your highest performing affiliate partners
  • Easy management of affiliate referral payments
  • Correlate several affiliate commissions to different sales funnels

Clickfunnels Backpack ability to deliver all these is anchored on its core features. Let’s look at Clickfunnels Backpack features in more detail.

The Clickfunnels Backpack section has a ton of tabs that guide you in keeping track of your affiliate program.

The sections include:

1. The Backpack Dashboard

The Backpack dashboard shows you the general affiliate program information at a glance. It shows an updated tracking of the active affiliates.

Through the dashboard you will see;

  • How much you’ve earned through affiliate sales
  • The commissions you’re owed
  • What you’ve paid to your affiliates

The dashboard is the anchor upon which to keep your affiliate program well organized and running efficiently.

2. Backpack Affiliate Area

The affiliate area is a section within backpack software that lists all your affiliates. It enables you to see the number of affiliates and their detailed information.

Through the affiliate area, users can;

  • View the performance of each of the affiliates applying for your program
  • Add new affiliate members to your affiliate program
  • Export your affiliate contacts
  • Edit your affiliates settings

3. Commissions Area

Your Clickfunnels backpack commissions area gives you a breakdown of things. You’ll see;

  • The affiliates who made a sale
  • How much you’re required to pay the affiliates for their sale
  • The due date for affiliate commission payment
  • What was purchased

Through the commission area, a business can easily track the products being promoted by its affiliates. It is quite an easy and simple commission tracking interface. It is worth noting that the Backpack commission section was recently updated to be more effective.

4. Payments

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much money your affiliate program is bringing to your business. Well, what better way to keep track of that other than using the backpack payment section?

Affiliates prefer to work with vendors who pay on time. To help you manage payments well, this payments’ section shows you;

  • Recent payment history
  • The due date for commissions
  • When future commissions will be due

This section helps you NOT to miss any payments to your affiliates.

5. Leaderboards

Clickfunnels Backpack added Leaderboards to its sections recently. The leaderboard shows the ranks of your affiliates. It also displays the commissions.

Affiliate leaderboards are common in business marketing through affiliate programs. It is a great feature because it encourages your affiliates to compete. This competition improves your sales promotion.

6. Commission Plans

How do you configure commission payments through Backpack? This is where Commission Plans comes in. This section enables you to set up the percentage to be earned by affiliates. Whenever a sale is made for a specific product or service, your affiliate will know what to expect as commission payment.

Clickfunnels Backpack provides tiered commissions. This is where two-tier commission plans are offered.

But how does a two-tier commission plan work?

Simple, it is where your first affiliate promotes your product and brings in a customer who is also willing to become an affiliate. When the second affiliate makes a sale, he earns a commission. Likewise, the first affiliate who brought them into the program also earns a small commission from this sale.

The second affiliate is referred to as a 2nd-tier affiliate. That said, the commission earned by the first affiliate from the 2nd-tier sales is smaller compared to their (1st affiliate) commissions.

You can set up all this in the commission’s plans section of your Clickfunnels Backpack.

7. Affiliate Types

The affiliate types section denotes your affiliate’s category. There are different types of affiliates such as General or VIP Affiliates. Affiliates in different categories earn separate commissions.

You will need to utilise this section extensively if you have multiple tier commissions. The Affiliate Types section comes in handy, especially if you have several affiliate programs.

8. Affiliate Funnels

Backpack is integrated with Clickfunnels funnel builder. The Affiliate Funnels area organises all the offers in your program. It associates your sales funnel with your affiliate programs.

The user must add funnels to the affiliate funnel section since the software DOES NOT preload this section with funnels automatically.